Show Time

Nottingham – Trowell – Well Being Show

Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

21 – 22 October 2017

It is show time, and this is the only occasion when the LizianEvents News does not publish a full article or one which is up to date. On these circumstances, the information is short and concise.

You are asked to have a look around this site; it is a website with a daily article about our work and the work of The Community.

The classified ads page and Forum became live on October 10th and will take a little time to gain momentum. However, it is worth advertising as sales have already been made from the classified page. If you run workshops and seminars, the classifieds are another avenue of promotion to be used to your benefit. Listing an item is very simple and will take less than three minutes. With no listing fee or sales commission, you have nothing to lose by placing an article for sale. Incidentally, we do not harvest emails from listings the page is for the use of our Community and its visitors.

Delve into the Forum; again there is no need to register to make a contribution or give an opinion. Forums do take time to grow, and those who make early comments can make their mark as knowledgeable teachers. If you run a workshop or seminar; which is relevant to a thread or topic use take advantage of the links facility and promote your work.

We are beginning to receive contributions for this front page, and I’d ask anyone with anything to say to tap the keys and let people know about your tales, ideas, or opinion. Let me assure you, writing is a therapeutic mind exercise, which is easier than you would imagine. All a writer has to do is write how they speak. One word in front of the next, five hundred words later, you have made a statement, and on this site, it will be read by many hundreds of people.

The article can be as diverse as you like, although, excessive profanity, racist comments and political rhetoric will not be published. Again if there is a need to promote a product, book or service, why not write 500 words and send the essay with a few Jpegs to .

Yes, promotion takes time to work, but we all have to begin somewhere and why not here on LizianEvents News. Nothing you send in is wasted and do not think we are going to vanish anytime soon. We have signed contracts with event venues running into 2020. Any article published on this site will stay in the archive forever.

The Nottingham Well Being Show will open its doors today 21 October 2017, and it will be running tomorrow as well. I would enjoy meeting you at our event, and even one of The Community Members will provide you with exceptional service and greet you with a friendly smile.

See You Soon

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