Show Time – Sunday – Talk About Saturday

Nottingham – Trowell
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

This will be a short article, it has been a very long day, and I feel a couple of bottles of beer are deserved. I enjoy tapping keys and exposing my thoughts, however, this evening, I am allotting twenty minutes and closing the day.

The show was enjoyable, and I feel it is fair to say a success. We enjoyed the company of plenty of new and returning visitors. The talks were well liked by all who attended. From my vantage point of serving food, I listen to the visitor’s comments and appraisals. No doubt about it, the visitors love Nottingham Trowell.

The new menu is well received, and the specially made sausages were an absolute hit. I’m pleased we made the changes. And this aspect of the day made me reflect for a few moments on the power of change and constant evolution. Yes, the simplification of a food menu was a result of looking at the sales of the last six years and then rewriting the menu from what had proven popular proved the point. We should not always follow our heart; sometimes it pays to follow the reality of a situation.

Liz’s announcement about The Lincolnshire Well Being Show resulted in seventeen congratulatory emails, now that’s a unique acknowledgement. Because, if the statement has resonated with seventeen Community members, it demonstrates the impact the new format will achieve. Innovation and change are critical to The Communities Success. Over the coming weeks, we will begin to see the shoots of the seeds we have sown start to turn into strong and healthy saplings. We were right to lower the stand fees at Nottingham – Trowell to keep the show running, there is no intention to revert to the old price structure at this show. The atmosphere is superb, the balance of Community Members attending is perfect, and the visitor numbers are climbing. What more could we ask for with this Show?

I wrote last week that the Nottingham – Trowell Show was beginning to have a ‘Cult Following’ in the sixteen+ years I have attended shows, I have never ‘felt’ this with such intensity. Regardless of the outcome of the Newark Show, the visitors all commented on the atmosphere and ‘vibes’ of that weekend. As I sit here writing this appraisal of today’s event, I have a feeling; The Community is forming three inspirational and powerful Well Being Shows. In fact, I will go further, I have not ‘felt’ this specific feeling of ‘magic’ for many many years. It is the feeling of Christmas or the birth of a beautiful child.

Tomorrows another day and at five o’clock we will know the final attendance figures. We will then have a full picture of the weekend. If Sunday follows the same path as today, we will have passed another milestone. Regular readers will know Liz, and I consider every show the beginning of our endeavours. The doors close tomorrow; I’ll write my appraisal after the doors are locked. And then Lincoln Well Being Show is the objective. Liz and Jon Sharp were promoting in Lincoln last week, and many local businesses have taken posters, flyers and complimentary tickets. There is an enthusiasm for the format and concept of Community. From my perspective, most significant achievement is that the majority of Community, Visitors, and observers now accept the notion we are Community Driven is a reality. Those who remain cynical, doubters or wish in some way to damage our integrity or reputation are of no significance at all.

See You Soon


  1. Trowell is growing the community is growing and so are the visitors I feel this is down to good organization and the integrity of our community all for one and one for all and the hard work behind the scenes from Lizzie and Ian keep it going everyone

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