Nottingham – Trowell – Well Done

The Community Excelled – Well Done

Yesterday I tapped these words: –

‘There is an enthusiasm for the format and concept of Community. From my perspective, the most significant achievement is that the majority of Community, Visitors, and observers now accept the notion we are Community Driven is a reality. Those who remain cynical, doubters or wish in some way to damage our integrity or reputation are of no significance at all’.

Today Liz and I thank every one of the 34 members of The Community who worked to make their show an absolute winner. Winner? Yes, here are the final attendance figures for the weekend: –

Saturday 136
Sunday    226
Total        362
This does not include those who attended for both days.

What does this mean? Firstly, we are 38 visitors short of my average target for the weekend. I feel there is little doubt we will maintain this level of attendance and the objective is in sight. I sense we should look to 500 visitors for the whole weekend by the final Nottingham – Trowell Show of 2018.

This is as a direct result of The Community’s endeavours, and it is evident the visitors connect with everything the shows offer. The balance and ratio of retail, readers, and healers seems to be correct. There is no other reason for the climbing figures. Setting another higher target is not pie in the sky rhetoric, it flying high observation.

Due to kitchen duties, there was no time to walk the floor and talk to members of The Community. Although, those I did converse with within the dining area were pleased with the show and footfall. I doubt any one of the 34 members had anything to complain about the show.

From the serving hatch of the kitchen, the visitors I spoke to were also enthusiastic and 100% complementary with their comments and praise for the show. The seating area was in use for every hour on both days, and twice Lizzy had to collect more chairs for the seating room.

By two – thirty on Sunday afternoon we had sold all of the food supplies. The only food remaining was cake, biscuits and fruit. As the last two mugs of teas were served, the few biscuits and fruit remaining on the counter were the final testament to the amount of food sold. The new menu is a success, no waste and many kind comments about the standard and quality of the food. We need to have a vegetarian option, and I’ll be working on this over the next few days. Any suggestions will be welcome.

Many of the visitors commented they would attend Lincoln next month due to the beautiful atmosphere and ‘vibes’ of the Show. The Community should be proud they have achieved this type of accolade. It is a fantastic indictment of the quality of their work and the integrity and interaction they attain with the visitors. Well done every one of you.

The Comments prove the point and it is evident the smiles are authentic what better testimonials can there be?

Again we thank ‘The Community’ by continuing to follow the ethos of your shows, you will grow in size and stature. Liz and I thank you for your investments in LizianEvents.

See You Soon



  1. It was Jane Osborne, and my, first show with you. It was successful and enjoyable. The balance of exhibitors was particularly apparent. In the same way that a football team cannot play with eleven centre forwards, a shopping centre could not survive with only Marks & Spencer, or a restaurant prosper by only selling puddings, so a Show has to offer variety. Trowell offered that.

  2. Well done again to Liz & Ian for all of your hard work and thank you to all my fellow exhibitors for their contribution to the well being community. A fantastic weekend – looking forward to the Lincoln event on 4th & 5th November when we get to do it all over again!! Xxx

    • Thank You, Annie, Your kind words and support are very important to Lizzy and me. You know how much we value your, Martins and Dave’s friendship. You and I have more insight than most people about the shows and your comment is very important to me, thank you. Looking forward to Lincoln, let’s see how it goes. xxxxxx

  3. Amazing onward and upwards it takes time to turn things around especially from a dire situation which let’s be honest the events had in the end earned a lot of bad press which led to a lack of interest from the public. There’s a buzz in the air now I wasn’t able to make it due to my own work commitments but I know a lot of people who had attended thought the transformation was amazing and looking forward to attending future events.

    • Thank You, Shirley – Your comment is wonderful and means so much to us, you know we attribute the atmosphere and success of the shows to The Community. And our visitors also ‘make’ the ‘show’ as well – See You Soon – And again, Many Thanks Shirley – Ian

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