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Again we have to consider the aspect of visitors becoming ghost traders at our Events. This weekend we had to address this problem, and I intend to stop this practice at our shows. Remember LizianEvents is an innovator, and we do not follow the old methodologies of other organisations. For our Community’s show to prosper, we set precise terms and conditions. I have decided to define our policy on visitors using our shows to sell products, trawl for exhibitors or promote their events, using The Community’s asset, the asset is, of course, the show and venue they have paid for with their stall fees. Anyone who believes this is a joke should think again; we administer our shows with utmost integrity, honesty and transparency. We are LizianEvents not the remanence of anything which had gone before Annie approached our company. For example, this morning Liz came into conversation with someone who said ‘BSSK allowed me to do this’. This individual is under a delusion we have no interest in how previous organisers ran their business.

nothing will jeopardise this future

Before reading this article become clear of two points: –

One – The interests of The Community is our (Liz and my mine) primary consideration when considering any aspect of the running of LizianEvents. Those who place their trust in our business acumen give us an immense responsibility, which is to provide the best possible chance for them to prosper at every show. For further clarification: ’Our objective is multi-layered, although, the primary purpose is to provide a platform where ‘The Community’ will flourish and be rewarded for their investment in LizianEvents’.

The terms and conditions found on the LizianEvents website make our work easier. Our objectives are well defined within the twenty-one rules. The terms and conditions apply to everyone. They are LizianEvents rules sanctioned by The Community. In other words, The Community is in full agreement with the rules. This is an accurate statement because when the first contract between LizianEvents and an exhibitor is signed, at that moment the exhibitor becomes a Community Member and she or he will be protected by the terms and conditions and our commitment to their interests. The Community member is therefore in agreement with the terms and conditions.

Two – I asked for legal guidance regarding the terms and conditions on the website. The advice is unequivocal: ‘The terms and conditions as I interpret them would stand if they were tested’ she continues ‘You have many precedents in your website, which are congruent with opinions offered on your daily information page regarding the terms and conditions. I can find numerous examples where you guide and encourage exhibitors and visitors to read the terms and conditions. Again, if a situation arose where a clause was to be tested, I could establish you consistently ask visitors and exhibitors to review the terms and conditions’.

I asked about the difficulty if someone claimed they had not understood or had failed to read the terms and conditions. ‘Again, I can establish you provide ample guidance and insist the terms and conditions should be reviewed. The onus is on the visitor or exhibitor to read the terms and conditions. I have amended the wording in your new clauses, and I would have no difficulty in gaining the ‘compensation’ you ask for in the clauses’ she continues ‘It is important to remember once a visitor decides to sell or promote at your events they are no longer a visitor. It would be easy for me to establish the difference between visitor or trader’.

Remember, our loyalty is to The Community. We work to protect The Community from outside influence or damaging rhetoric. The Community make enormous investments in our endeavours, and while we cannot guarantee a profit for them, we can provide a superb trading platform. It is for The Community to gain the best possible trading advantage while attending their shows. We are achieving this objective; the independent feedback is brilliant. Every week we receive applications from people who wish to become members of The Community, many of the requests come from people who have attended the shows and have become converted to our ethos.

The additional rules: –

20: Visitors attend LizianEvents Organised Shows or Events with the clear understanding they are visitors and not traders. This means once they enter a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event, their purpose of attending is to interact with exhibitors and attend the talks and workshops without the intention or purpose of making financial gain. When a visitor purchases a ticket, receives a free or complimentary ticket or is given free entry to the show or event, they accept LizianEvents terms and conditions apply to them during their visit. Notices about terms and conditions are clear and prominent on the reception tables, prize draw tables, and information tables. Failure to read or not understanding the terms and conditions does not exonerate anyone from not being subject to the rules or clauses. We provide ample opportunities to provide specific information to those who require additional clarification of any provision of the terms and conditions.

21: Visitors may not trade, sell, or promote goods, services, shows or events at or during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event. LizianEvents does not permit any third parties to trade, sell or promote during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event. When a visitor decides to trade, sell or promote at or during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event, they change the terms of entry to the event and become ‘a trader’. The change from visitor to trader means they become subject to a charge or cost to trade at the LizianEvents Organised Show or Event. The charge or fee is relevant to the price paid by The Community. The minimum charge due £150:00 – LizianEvents reserves the right, to bar from entry, any individual or organisation who fails or refuses to pay trader fees at a LizianEvents Show or Event.

The reasons for the clauses is simple: Each Community member pays for their sales area. They need every advantage to promote their work and services. They should be left to do their work unhindered by traders who do not pay for the privilege to stand at their shows. Furthermore, a stray or renegade individual offering goods not sanctioned by The Community could damage our reputation. If the product were to be illegal or considered obnoxious by our visitors our reputation could be harmed. Thousands of hours in time and thousands of pounds invested in our future could be wasted in a stroke. Exaggeration? I am not prepared to take the risk.

Be certain, those who are not part of The Community will not trade on our show floor. If a person or product is not sanctioned by LizianEvents or The Community, they will not trade at our show. Remember, The Community cannot have crossover of goods on their stands, why should a stranger who has not paid for a stall sell rogue or not sanctioned products?

A Community member can promote their work and shows or events they attend. They must be given every opportunity to prosper and find success, and LizianEvents will always help Community Members to thrive. So, if they wish to provide self-promotional leaflets at their stand or table, we are content with this arrangement.

Regular readers and Community know my feeling that events and shows are oversubscribed and under-attended. This is why LizianEvents are innovators, the changes we are affecting make deep furrows in the fertile soil or OUR future. Our loyalty is to The Community; I will remind the reader of our long-term objective: ‘Our objective is multi-layered, although we should accept the primary purpose provide a platform where ‘The Community’ will flourish and be rewarded for their investment in LizianEvents’.

Liz, myself and The Community’s endeavours are not for the benefit of other promoters. I see this aspect in this way: The stand costs and door fees pay the bills. Our website, .org, electronic distribution, Vimeo, franking costs et cetera are expensive. However, the most significant expense is time. If someone wishes to stage a show, they can follow the same path as Liz and myself. However, they will NOT be allowed to take our time investment without payment. If they tout for business at our shows, they will have pay for the time we have expended building relationships with Community Members. Remember, the visitor relationship changes, when the visitor decides to work on the show floor for profit or gain. If a visitor becomes a trader, the fee we will charge them will be relevant table cost

There will be those who feel we could not enforce the payment. Don’t gamble that we would not pursue a debt owed to us; our lawyer clarified this aspect: ‘A car is parked on private land, if there is a sign which informs the driver of charges or clamping, the small claim court will enforce the debt. Your demand for payment of the debt would be as straightforward to enforce’.

Those of you who know me would accept I am an easy going and generous man. I see life clearly and advocate critical thinking. It would be a mistake to think this article demonstrates a greedy or vindictive attitude. This article points to the evidence of absolute dedication to protecting the work and effort of The Community. There is not a chance Liz or myself will jeopardise or be swayed away from this objective. My knowledge is this: Without our visitors, the shows cannot become prosperous and successful. Every avenue which makes the visitors experience become an exceptional memory must be explored. Liz and I are not prepared to allow the one percent, of one percent selfish individuals jeopardise the enjoyment of real visitors or jeopardise the success of The Community.

Now let us get on with our work

See You Soon


  1. Read the full blog did I miss something? Who and what was done? Did a visitor pose as a trader and avoided payment to the community?

    • Hi Shirley – No the difficulty is people enter the show as visitors and proceed to sell items such as Cd’s and books to the Community, while they are trying to trade! They are also subject to people who tout for business or ask for their details. We received two complaints from community members about the practice. I had a visitor attempt to intervene in where we had positioned a reader! Shirley, you know how flexible and fair we are with everyone. We respect our visitors and all of those who attend the shows. However, we must protect the interests of those who finance the shows (The Community) and this is why the article is written. As always, many thanks for your comment – Ian

  2. Wow never gave it a thought that people could even consider doing what you have said would seem you need to get a lot tougher with them live how you interact and care about your community x

    • Thanks for your comment. As organisers of the shows, we intend to do everything to advantage The Community. I feel it important for everyone who watches LizianEvents to understand, we have two priorities 1) The Visitors and 2) The Community and we will allow no one to come between them. From our perspective, the visitors are the reason for our success, without them, we fail. It is our intention to continue with well-defined parameters for everyone to enjoy superb shows. Yes, we care about The Community, without them there is nothing. I attended shows for fourteen years where the organisers did not thank me for attending. And truth to tell the exhibitors were the event and their profits. OK, Liz and I are changing this, and we have taken this approach right from the beginning of LizianEvents. We have not ‘just’ changed the methodology because it seems ‘the right thing or sounds right’ – Our ethos is real and The Community know this is accurate. Our integrity is beyond reproach, and all who work and deal with us know this to be accurate.
      Many Thanks for your kindness and taking the time to comment – Ian Timothy

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