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The Lincoln Well Being Show
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Showground

Saturday and Sunday
4 and 5 November

We certainly made a mistake in limiting the number of talks at the earlier shows. We spoke to the visitors and no doubt there is a thirst for talks and plenty of them, we will fill this need. We have new ideas and projects ahead and the area of talks and workshops are forefront in our minds.

Saturday Lincoln Show Talk and WorkShop Schedule.

We have eight talks and two workshops. The talks on the list are varied and fascinating. Everything from Brigitte Rix’s fascinating talk on the afterlife to Kirsty Celik’s mediumistic demonstration. Each of the talks is hosted by people who have enjoyed many years following their specialist subject. You will find them to be entertaining and knowledgable.

Take a few moments to read through the schedule and chose the talks you would like to attend. There is no need to book for talks as the presentation rooms at the Epic Centre are large and comfortable.

Please note there is a charge for the WorkShops and a link is provided after the listing.

See You at Lincoln This Weekend 4 – 5 November 2017

Lincoln Well Being Show ~ Talks & Workshops

Room 1:

Jane Osborne ~ Author of ‘Past Life Regressions’
Author Jane Osborne talks about her book about the fascinating subject of Past Life Regression.

Brigitte Rix ~  Mysteries of the ‘unknown’ Questions & Answers TALK on the Afterlife 

In this lively and interactive talk you have the opportunity to ask your questions to Medium Brigitte RIX. Such as:

· Why & how YOUR life & HEALTH CAN be improved.
· Why YOU CHOSE to be a HUMAN.
· Why you & your LOVED ONES will survive ‘death’.
· Why your departed can learn to COMMUNICATE.
· Why Humans & Animals are ENERGY BEINGS.
· Why there will be more natural DISASTERS.
· Why orbs, premonitions, ‘PAST lives’ are real.
· Why this Universe EXISTS… (and more questions!)

Brigitte is a clairaudient medium, Spiritual Teacher & Channelling author – 4 acclaimed published books CHANNELLED from the ‘Spirit World’.

Emma Gowshall ~ Animal Healing
Alternative Therapies for pets & demonstration of animal communication
A brief introduction on how to use alternative therapies with your pets, covering crystals, sound therapies, flower remedies and essential oils.  Emma will also present a short demonstration of animal communication.

Natalie Hegarty ~ Happytivity
‘Future Life Progression’
Natalie shares her journey with Future Life Progression and how it helped her to find hope within her life – Natalie will conduct a guided meditation with the audience members, taking them on journeys to see yourself in a future lifetime.

Rachel Bavin ~ Elemental Balance
‘Vibrational Frequencies’
In this mini workshop led by Rachel, Experience energetic balancing frequencies as a group.  Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. Bioresonance fine-tunes your energetic body, clears blockages and balances you at your core cellular energetic level and helps you to return to equilibrium. When your energy field is in balance and harmony, the physical body also experiences optimal health.  Using Bio-resonance energy balancing tools can bring about an incredibly subtle and deep healing, yet it is painless, safe and totally non-invasive. As a transformation modality, bio-resonance is a comprehensive and powerful tool for energy balancing and healing on all levels of your Being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Kirsty Celik ~ Medium
A demonstration of mediumship with audience participation and Kirsty’s sparkle and humour.

Room 2:

John Harris ~ Soul Awareness & Soul Wisdom
‘Past, Present & Future using the Akashic Records’
John explains the mysteries of how one can use what are known as the Akashic Records to find out who we are at soul level and explores what we can do with that information.  An interesting, informative and interactive talk.

12.00 – 2.00pm ~ ‘Chakra Clearing Workshop’:
Paid workshop hosted by Crystal Carol’s Carol Wallace

2.00pm – 4.30pm ~ ‘Introduction To The Psychic and Spiritual Realm’:
Paid workshop hosted by Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium

Information About WorkShops Below: –

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