Saturday Review – Lincoln Well Being Show

Saturday Review – Lincoln Well Being Show

Today the Community have excelled. We can only look to the future secure in the knowledge visitors love the shows. Smiles all round, visitor after visitor reviewed the show; comments like: ‘wonderful show’. Time and again visitors were asked ‘How have you enjoyed the show?’ ‘Great’ ‘Brilliant’ ‘Fantastic’  the congratulations did not stop. Previous visitors from Nottingham and Newark attended the show. If ever there were the evidence needed to show the power of The Community, we saw it today.

Success is not gauged by numbers through the door. It is appraised by the quality of The Community and the ‘vibes’ of the day. Today the atmosphere was electric, and visitors filled the floors, talk rooms and workshop. Everything we have all done to make the show work came to fruition. The previous shows established the reputation, the memories left in the mind of returning visitors made The Lincoln Well Being Show work.

Each member of The Community must be proud of what they have achieved. Bound together with one purpose. The is objective to make their show a success and my goodness this is accomplished. We see the future ahead; the stigma is overcome, the word doubt dissolving in the acid breath of the critic.

Sunday is another day of dedication to our visitors. Two significant workshops and an extensive talk schedule. This is where we prove our metal, dig in our heals, and see another day of success. A rule is everyone holds fast until 17:00 before beginning to pack away. It is the hardest time, the last 45 minutes when most visitors have left, and the few remaining do not wish to go.

Let us hope the time is used to reflect upon what has been achieved this weekend. Eleven weeks away is the first show of the new year – Nottingham – Trowell. After this marker there are six shows ahead, thousands of visitors to care for and impress. From what we have experienced this weekend, every one of The Community is up to the challenge. They knew the situation in late May, grasped the thorns and cleared the way to today.

Thank You for your faith.


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