Lincoln Doors Open – Saturday 4th November 

Lincoln Well Being Show
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Showground

Doors Open – Saturday 4th November

All that remains is for the visitors to arrive. In truth, none of us knows what will happen today. Six months ago we were given the opportunity to take over the remains of an old organisation. Of the five remaining venues, we opted for three, Cheltenham, Lincoln and Newark. The others did not fit in with our plans. Even though the sites were large, there is no room for expansion. We had already decided on the concepts of ‘well being – body’ and ‘well being – spirit’ under one roof. Indeed we were in negotiation with a suitable venue in the north-west of the country.

The interest in Cheltenham wained. We decided not to waste time and effort on the show. The focus of attention is on the three remaining venues. Both Newark and Lincoln have unlimited parking, and this fits well with our plans. The opportunities available to us are without boundaries at these venues, and the facilities are sufficient for thousands of visitors, not hundreds.

As the visitors enjoy their weekend at Lincoln Well Being Show. They may not realise next years Lincolnshire Well Being Show will have twice the number of Community Members and a combination of seventy-two talks and workshops. The name change is subtle and meaningful. We have already written about our intention to expand the show into both halls and to introduce, yoga, fitness, food, meditation and all aspects of physical well-being. The change in name is in line with how we see the shows growing.

We have always used the identity of Well Being and not Mind Body and Spirit. Of course, we see others using the identity wellbeing. However, there is only one LizianEvents Well Being Show. We are not a ‘festival’. To my mind, this word implies a fete, fair, gala, or carnival. The other aspect of the festival is religious, harvest or feast day. We are a ‘show’ a ‘display’ of goods, services, skills and therapies. Yes, there are celebrations of successes, however, people come here to see and learn, and this is why we are a ‘show’ or ‘display’ of our Community’s skills, gifts, products and knowledge.

We have no interest in running more shows it would be straightforward enough to achieve this objective within ten phone calls and three appointments. Another Mind Body and Spirit Show would be easy to formulate and would this offer prosperity to those who joined? I doubt it. For the foreseeable future, we will follow our plans and not waiver from the objectives ahead of us in the coming year.

Today is the beginning of a new era for LizianEvents and The Community who have possession of each show. We move up another step in the evolution of our objectives. As noted in the first paragraph, none of us knows what will happen today. We can be sure of one absolute fact, every one of The Community will provide each visitor with a memorable day.

See You Soon

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