Lincoln Show Appraisal Part One

The appraisal of the Lincoln Well Being Show will not be difficult to write. I will work through the statistics today and the reader will have a full assessment tomorrow. For today I will list the reviews which came in with twelve hours of the doors closing. See you tomorrow.


  1. Totally agree with all of the above comments you can feel the energy in the events and it is improving with every show thank you Liz and Ian for all your hard work and confidence in the community x

  2. THANK YOU Liz & Ian Timothy for your relentless dedication and hard work. Thanks also to my friendly& Lizian’s ‘Strong Community’ colleagues in Lincoln Nov. for helping create a cheerful, caring & welcoming ambience! What an energising show we’ve all had! I met & helped scores of lovely new clients enjoying my interactive Q/A TALK, sold lots of my channelled books & was delighted to hear positive comments from our visitors. Roll on 2018! We’ll enjoy it even more no doubt! xx

    • Thank You Brigitte – I think the truth is it is your hard work and relentless promotion of The Communities Show. Looking forward to an interesting and evolving 2018 – Ian xx

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