Lincoln Well Being Show – Assessment – Part Two

The first and most important message is to offer immense gratitude to The Community who made this show an incredible success. Liz and I thank every member of The Community for their effort and dedication to make the Well Being Show a weekend to remember for every visitor to the Show. The Community is brilliant and inspiring to all who meet them.

How many came to the Show?

Saturday 267 visitors
Sunday 235 visitors
Total 502

The visitor’s figures do not include those who came for a second visit or entered on guest tickets. Guest tickets are distributed by The Community and also given to shopkeepers, businesses and institutions who supported our promotional campaign.

How do we feel about the numbers? The answer is we are pleased with the increase and feel we have passed a significant signpost. The increase is substantial especially after the ‘knock back’ suffered at Newark. I have been stringent with the way the figures are calculated it could be easy to make the double entry and guest tickets as part of the statistics and increase the numbers. Later in the article, I will explain why we have to be careful with the figures.

Annie said it would not be long before we saw visitors queuing at the door and this is the first time this occurred. I admit to feeling immense pride for The Community who had made this happen. As I watched the people at the door on Saturday the feeling we were making headway boded well for the day ahead. I had the same feeling on Sunday as I watched the cars arriving from 09:30 onwards. Although the day seemed slightly slower, the numbers were close.

The talks are beginning to have good attendances. Three workshops were also a great success for John Richardson, Simon Goodfellow and Carol Wallace. The visitor approval of the workshops has to be another signal The Community are travelling in the right direction. Liz and I will carefully assess the number of seminars and talks for the 2018 Lincolnshire Show. With the Community Members doubling in number next year and the interest for the concept growing daily, this will be an essential aspect for our visitors. It is accepted visitors love the talks schedule and there are opportunities for any Community Member who wishes to present a workshop. Dave put in incredible effort into promoting Simon’s Workshop, and he reaped the harvest from his endeavours.


We have six months to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show and here is the prediction. Based on the feedback from visitors interest in the concept and personal intuition, I will target the visitor figure for the weekend at 1500 attendees. With a prediction as high as this there is an imperative need to be as accurate as possible with the figures. The Community is as Campbell says ‘Premier League’ There is a growing confidence within all of us and there is no doubt we are all learning from every show. I predict in 365 days time this writer will be struggling to find enough word to thank the 150 members of The Community who will be part of an incredible year.

Liz and I assure you we will learn from every mistake we have made during 2017 and we will continue to support our growing number of Community and visitors. We are nothing without The Community and Visitors, and this is a fact we will never forget.

Your shows are a reflection of the thousands of hours you commit to your success. In six months you have taken the three Shows from near extinction to become the beginnings of something extraordinary and memorable.

I have no words to adequately describe my pride in knowing you are part of our future and the name LizianEvents.

Thank You


The feedback from the visitors is astounding. This is because of The Community who put every effort into their presentation. As we walked the floor of the show, it was heartening to see how much dedication is put into the weekend’s endeavours. The visitors have a show to remember, and they will return to experience our events in 2018.

However, There was one visitor who did not like the Show. He complained that he considered the stall fees were extortionate. He offered the opinion that ‘In my days as a reader, a table cost ten pounds, a fair price for this event would be forty’. I wonder how we could rent the venue and pay for 100 days of administration for 2600 (65X40) pounds? Ah! Well, you cannot win them all. 🙂

See You Soon


  1. Thank you Liz & Ian for an excellent weekend. I know how much effort has to go into events of this size not to mention the months of work behind the scenes. This was my first show with Lizian events as an exhibitor and I can safely say that from my perspective everything went smoothly without a single hitch. Not something that could be said of other events. So a big WELL DONE!

    • Yes, we are pleased, Dale. Some would say there’s a long way to go before the halcyon days of the past. I would comment the balls rolling and The Community are gaining momentum. See you soon D.

  2. I just had a fantastic weekend, the atmosphere was great the foot fall was great came home in profit, met some fabulous people had great feedback, managed another talk, the list goes on but what remains true is I can’t do what I do without the fabulous community that make that wonderful atmosphere possible. i am thrilled to be working with a true team of professionals. Thank you.

  3. As visitors, myself and my friends thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was clearly well organised and there was a good selection of stalls and interesting talks. The wonderful ethos of the organisers shines through and we look forward to attending more shows arranged by Lizian in future.

    • Thank you, Kathryn. It’s wonderful to think you travelled so far to experience the show. Vey nice to talk to you and hear about the incredible progress you are making. IAnx

  4. Well done to you both for all of your efforts this year. It has been an absolute delight being part of the well being community. I have enjoyed every minute of it!
    I often get asked if I miss organising the events, truthfully I have not missed it at all. I cannot think of any better people than Liz and Ian to have taken these shows on and to move forward with them. I knew there was a need to keep the shows going, just because I didn’t want to do it – didn’t mean it wasn’t do-able. The question for me at that time was who ? who was capable of taking them on, maybe reinvesting, or reinventing with ethics and integrity?
    In reality, anyone could have taken them on and kept churning out the same old same old – but after meeting with Liz and Ian, they shared their ethos and thoughts with me and this just confirmed even more that the shows had truly gone to two of the best people possible!
    I have watched them implement changes (much needed) I have listened to their thoughts and rationale for these changes and all of it has been refreshing and welcome!
    Thank you for all of your hard work – I totally appreciate your efforts and know how much work is involved in organising these events.
    I look forward to being a part of the community in 2018
    Annie xx

  5. Honest and heartfelt comments Annie/AnnMarie Webster– I agree with you: Liz & Ian ‘s ethos and common sense are their magic wand, together with their total dedication, caring attitude and hard work. I’ll also add that am so pleased you are part of our community too! xxx Brigitte Rix

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