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Our work is about providing people with options. The choices are positive and can be used to benefit the life experience. Over the next few days, I will be writing about methods which can provide different ways of looking at life. There is no claim the ideas are definitive. The views are food for thought nothing more.

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Cog in The Clock

We sometimes feel stagnation, when this happens, it may be best to appraise personal environments. It is an unfortunate trait of the human that we are never satisfied with our lot. If humans could accept living a comfortable life is not tricky life would change. The choice to live in comfort or not is straightforward enough: we make it: and follow the decision. Humans become part of a problem or not; they can become within another individuals issues or not. They can make it clear their life and the life of their family is the priority.Everything is a choice: If the choice were made to be satisfied with our capabilities and achievements what would change?

Why do some need to possess the same lawn mower as the next door neighbours when their 30 years old machine works just fine? Millions of people wear designer clothes when Primark’s cheap clothes are fit for purpose. Cherry sees her sister Millie has everything in life and she has nothing. Millie is a pathologist and Cherry a shop worker. Millie stayed at home and studied. Cherry went out with friends and enjoyed her teenage years.

The last paragraph establishes the weakness of many humans (Millie types excepted). They need and desire and wish to do as little as possible to attain the desire. Apple and Galaxy know this very well indeed: They offer better and more sophisticated methods of communication with every upgrade to their phones. Do the majority of people need the upgrades? Of course, they do not, although, they are lead to believe they need the phone and its apps. I feel the need to own is associated with the need to store food. It is the same as excessive eating or compulsive collecting. Somewhere in the collective unconscious is an ingrained habit of hoarding and possession. This need is understood by advertising and marketing organisations, and the unwary can be caught in their net.

Millions of us have a fair standard of living and are in control of each aspect of our environment. Yes, there will be occasions when we question our existence, although, we are grateful for what we have. Unfortunately, the individual who feels restricted or stagnated is influenced by the ‘need’ trait. They look outward for ideas or help for a situation which may not exist. The situation that may not exist is one of perceived success ‘Am I successful?’ ‘Do people see me as successful?’ ‘Have I achieved enough?’ ‘Does he love me?’ are indicators of ‘need’.

As they look at other peoples perceived affluence they decide to follow or emulate the success. Instead of looking carefully at ways to improve what they have, the choice is made to copy the method of the successful. It is a process which never works. In fact, copying and emulation are almost guaranteed to end in disaster. We should consider marketing executives know and take advantage this point and use it each day of the year. Their implication is: ‘We will find the solutions, we will provide answers’ It is worth considering if there were any problems, to begin with. Is this why people buy the information technology to store the information needed to live a ‘normal’ life? Truth to tell our lives are not as complicated as we would like to believe or indeed the institutions would like us to think.

The moment we look to discover our ‘purpose’ or search for ‘success’ we search in vain. This writer believes we are our achievement; how we live our lives is the acknowledged by those who know us as either good, indifferent, or evil. With this in mind, the suggestion is this: to hone and live in the best way possible is enough to be a success. Becoming a success can only be achieved in our way; we cannot emulate another, it is not possible. In fact, this idea is accurate in many facets of our lives, from personality to business.

We return to the suggestion that to emulate or copy another will fail: The explanation for the failure is found in the mechanism of a wind-up watch. There are many designs of watch ‘movements’ each one has advantages over another. From Timex to Rolex and hundreds in between the choice is incredible. One fact should be remembered, the difference between a Grand Prix movement and a Chinese million a year copy is probably only three seconds in the hour.

Take the wheel out of the Grand Prix de Geneva mechanism and place it in the Chinese fake in the hope the will tell better time can never work. The fake will stop. It does not matter how close the little wheels seem to look; the cheap copy will not be the same. In the same way, deciding to take something which seems to work well for Mr Rich, may slow down or stop the methods used every day by Mr Poor.

In conclusion: When we feel ‘out of sorts’ or within ‘doubt’ the possible way out is to focus on what we have which is good. There is no point in concentrating for very long on situations which are restrictive or cannot change. There is a good reason to think carefully about the things we do well and our successes. We may be three or four seconds from perfect, however, we function well enough with small inaccuracies.

No doubt change is good. However, we have to be aware of our environment. Change for the sake of change can take us into deeper waters. There are times when we feel out of sorts or life is restrictive and in these situations, we look for alternatives. Before making changes think how to improve the present situation. Remember the cog in the clock, taking the methods of a genius, can often be the worst of possible choices.

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  1. Very thought provoking ian I wake up every morning and I consider myself a success there is always someone less fortunate embrace what you have and be grateful of what you have got you are alive x

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