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LizianEvents – Well Being Shows – Manifesto

I am asked about the name ‘Well Being Show’. Particularly the spelling ‘The spelling is incorrect Ian it should be wellbeing’. The statement is one of ignorance. The word wellbeing relies on the assumption that people will interpret its meaning. Wellbeing is a state of mind or body. We say ‘there has been an improvement in a patients wellbeing’ or ‘the yoga session increased the feeling of wellbeing’. If we used the word wellbeing, then we would be suggesting everyone who walks into our shows are fit and healthy. I accept the counterpoint: ‘Yes Ian, however, you know what wellbeing show means’ and indeed I do understand the inference of the word. It clearly and correctly indicates that the show intention is to provide the visitor with a feeling of wellbeing. It is fair to say some shows succeed in fulfilling this purpose.

Allow me to expand on why it is our choice to use the two words ‘well’ and ‘being’.

In our description of the show the words well and being are chosen. The word ‘well’ infers health, happiness and security. The word ‘being’ infers the nature of essence of a person. With this in mind, the reader is asked to accept the purpose of the shows are to help visitors find happiness and health within their mind and body. There is of course within this purpose a reference to spiritual security and understanding. This, of course, is the manifesto of LizianEvents Well Being Shows.

To become a ‘Well Being’ takes time and determination. However, to succeed in this objective, I feel there is another aspect which is often missed. The aspect is the support of other people. When we are supported in or during a quest; the objective is more often achieved. I also believe during a conversation we gain far more information. Therefore our Well Being shows should be considered conduits to spiritual and physical health. There is a fountain of wellness from which we can all drink, and this fountain will be at every one of our shows.

The Community work together to give the visitor a great experience. For example: In 2017 Tristan and Alice arrive at the show. The first thing they look at the talk schedule, deciding to attend four seminars. After a refreshment they walk around the floor, choosing their treatment or therapy, a psychic reading and a few gifts. After an eventful day, they return on Sunday because they feel uplifted after the visit.

How will Tristan and Alice’s visit change in 2018? On arrival the will be greeted with an extensive and fascinating talk and workshop schedule. After enjoying early refreshments, it is time to walk the floor of the show. They find a more excellent mix of Community members. New faces, therapies, products and treatments. Their day is one of positive interaction and learning about the many ways they can improve their mind and body. No doubt they will return the next morning, the seminars alone are worth the entry fee.

LizianEvents organise Well Being Shows. In 2018 the visitor will enter the show with an expectation to be shown different methods to become, healthy in spirit and body. In other words, they can become involved with a multitude of ways to become a Well Being. It is our intention to be recognised for organising shows which visitors leave with new ideas, thoughts or perspectives.

The concept of our shows is to enrich peoples life paths. Not by indoctrination or dogmatic, irrational ideas, but by interaction, conversation and exchange of views. We are already achieving this objective. There can be no doubt our ethos of Community and mutual support is making waves. This writer is amazed at the way our work has taken such a grip on those who would never have changed had we not shown the way. Many are copying our ideas and written word. I am pleased this is so, it indicates our hold on the changes. I know many people acknowledge we lit the lamp of change. The effect of the ripples will continue for many years to come, in fact, the potential to our work has no end. While humans seek to become well beings, there will always be a place for our endeavour. We are ‘The Well Being Show’, and it is essential that The Community and visitors understand the manifesto of the shows are also the reason for the growing success and recognition.

Of course, there is no intention to expand upon all we have planned for 2018 fully. It has become apparent this would be a foolish act. In this silence, we demonstrate our intention to protect The Community and its commitment, investment and trust. And therefore we will not give away our ideas. Soon our visitors will recognise our style, imprint and signature when they visit the shows. This, of course, gives them a feeling of security. How so? They will always be able to travel to The Community’s shows safe in the knowledge their day will not be wasted.

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