Policy of Fairness

Liz Clark
Liz Clark

A question about stand prices:

‘Do you give any concessions?’
‘No, each Community Member pays the same rates for their genre.’

Here is the explanation

In the years we stood at shows, we were aware of stallholders receiving concessions. Some stood for no payment, and in reality, those who were paying for their pitch were paying for their competition to stand for no charge. Competition? Yes, when a venue is stacked ceiling high with as many exhibitors as possible the show is out of balance and the thriving exhibitors trade on the stall fees of the unsuccessful. For example – there is no way every reader can succeed when there is 20 of them in the room. Fill a hall with six jewellery stalls, and they will struggle to cover the overheads. How far do I need to expand on the reality of the situation? To counter this issue we offer a sensible balance of Community members to the visitors and the entry fee is gauged to encourage people to visit the show.

Community members have two viewpoints. Some feel if the venue is filled with the gunnels the show will attract more visitors; others prefer the idea of exclusivity. We attempt to balance the numbers relevant to the visitors. As the months have passed we see a steady increase in visitors and a growing number of people wishing to join the Community. There is no danger of us having to give concessions to fill the venues. The Community lists will go onto the website in late December, and the number of attendees is impressive.

The difficulty is diminishing returns; which is a vicious circle we will not allow to occur at LizianEvents. The situation begins with stall holders continually losing money. They become reticent to stand at a show. Behind the scenes, a venue is booked the show must go on, or the prepayments need to be returned. At some marker the organiser sees the show will be poorly attended, he hits the email lists and offers cheap stands to fill the gaps. The problem is compounded when exhibitors desire the same rate at subsequent events.

The venue may be full, but its full of people who have paid different amounts of their stalls, and those who have paid concessions are often indifferent or not 100% committed to the weekend. Concessions do not work and in the long term damage the exhibitors who pay their share. The problem is a dripping tap, and over a period the damage becomes irreversible.


We receive the occasional email from ‘celebrities’ who ask us for money to give talks at our events. They intimate their presence will enhance our reputation and footfall. One asked for 700 pounds. The standard rate paid by television production companies is 275 and that is for well-known celebrities, so, we decline their offers. LizianEvents will not pay one penny for someone to talk at the shows. Why would we? We have 100 members of The Community to call upon, and each one has paid their contribution to the venue. If they wish to present a seminar to their visitors, they have paid for their right to give the talk.

A few exhibitors believe they attract people to the show and ask for free or concession stalls. They delude themselves; the only people drawn to the event are those who like their wares or services. Their groupies have little interest in other exhibitors. This practice damages the infrastructure of events, because, when paying exhibitors hear of the concession they become (rightfully) disgruntled. Exhibitors who ask us for freebies are turned down and not who asked to stand without charge applied to become a Community Member. We are pleased this is the outcome of our policy.


In the same vein, I am asked if charity stands receive concessions. The answer is we do not give concessions to charity stands. Why not? The first reason is we already give to our chosen charity. Our profits are used to benefit The Community with better facilities such as video and audio used for promotion of their work. When asked, most Community Members confirm they are happy with this policy. They are generous people who give to their chosen cause, and we feel this is the best approach regarding charity concessions.

All Equal
All Equal

LizianEvents work to benefit The Community. We make choices based on sound business practice, this is essential to keep us financially buoyant. We will continue to reinvest in our shows and The Community. We are not here for short-term gain, we as here to grow a substantial reputation for integrity and quality. Our Community makes the shows, and they can be certain of transparency of ethic and ethos. We believe it is essential for anyone who has an interest in our progress to understand how and why we make our choices.

When we use the word Community, it is not because it ‘sounds’ like a good idea. Most of us realise that together we have a solid foundation where we can all prosper. An essential goal must be for The Community Members to attend shows in the knowledge they will cover their overheads and enjoy profit for their efforts. Do not hold on to the idea that spiritual means there is an inevitable sacrifice. This is an outmoded concept and one which must be resisted. Our events are named Well Being Shows for a good reason; it is our desire for visitors to discover different aspects of becoming a Well Being. We will do whatever it takes to give our visitors the best experience.

See You Soon


  1. Different pricing structures were the downfall of some MBS shows as we all know stall holders talk among themselves this then causes disharmony and bad feeling among stallholders and organisers thus destroying a happy community stick with your policies Ian and Lizzy they are working x

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