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Epic Centre : Lincolnshire Well Being Show

I have worked on this new LizianEvents News platform for some weeks before making it live today. It is at the most basic level for the time being. For the moment the future of LEN is mysterious. I feel like the conjurer on a stage waiting to show his audience the routines. For the moment patience is key to success. There are 360 articles on the site, and all have to be edited and assigned an image, to make this site shine.

Within two weeks the foundation will be deep and secure, and The Community will have a promotion platform of which they can be proud. Some may question activating the site in its present state. The wisdom is that Visitors will test the site and I can make any adjustments as needed. You can be assured there are layers of ‘assets’ available for Community promotions and of course, all can be utilised without charge to Community Members.

The Show Begins
The Show Begins

The LizianEvents Website is where we keep current information about the shows, the Attending Community and dates. Our Website will have a new page added this week where the info for the Lincolnshire Well Being Event will begin to grow. I will not start to list the Well Being Body Community for two weeks. This delay is because I am awaiting specific information from potential attendees.

The Lincolnshire Well Being Show (LWBS) is destined to be a memorable and longstanding event. The idea of the Show is to bring together Well Being Spirit and Well Being Body. We believe the approach will attract a significant number of visitors over the weekend.

For clarification: The Epic Centre is a substantial building. We can split the venue into two. The left side will be the home to Well Being Spirit, and Well Being Body is designated to the right. Visitors will enter the centre and chose to enjoy the experience in their own time and space. During the February Newark Show, I asked many Visitors for their opinion, and the enthusiasm is one hundred percent positive.

Liz and I are looking forward to seeing Members of the Community thrive at their Shows. We are setting a brisk pace of promotion for both Nottingham – Trowell and The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Both of us feel the positive attitudes of both Community and Visitors. We hope no-one is in any doubt of our dedication to being recognised for integrity and determination. Few can fail to accept our commitment to fulfil the objective of watching The Community prosper.

I did not want to have a day without an article. This one is short and concise and provides precise information about the progress of LEN and future developments. And while writing about events; Liz has secure the dates for the shows until 2020. If there was any doubting our long-term plans, this two-year calendar should quell any speculation.

See You Soon

Nottingham Trowell
26 & 27 January
4 & 5 May
26 & 27 October

Newark Showground
16 & 17 February
14 & 15 September

Lincolnshire Showground
1 & 2 June
2 & 3 November

Nottingham Trowell
25 & 26 January
2 & 3 May
31 October & 1 Nov

Newark Showground
15 & 16 February
12 & 13 September

Lincolnshire Showground
6 & 7 June
7 & 8 November


  1. I love it, I think we all know my thoughts on the promoting of the community members this is a fantastic opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something that is going to soar. Thank you for your efforts Ian very much appreciated. You have made very specific predictions for me in regard to progress, well I have one for you no matter how many events I end up doing during the coming years yours will ALWAYS be the priority, loyalty goes a long way in my book and you have shown me loads. Much love and light Rick.

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