The doors opened to the show, and for the first time, we had people waiting to enter the event. Earlier in the morning, I realised I had no idea of how the day would progress. The early arrivals seemed to indicate the weekend would work for The Community. Here is my assessment from my time on the floor of the show.

In my mind there was one certainty; the next fourteen hours would give an insight into the future of LizianEvents organisation of the Shows. If the Visitor numbers stayed close to the September show, there would be a need to rethink our methodology. I am aware many gauge the success of a Show by footfall, so a substantial gain in Visitor numbers was essential. Do not forget, much of our promotion is dependant on Community involvement; so the figures would also be a test of Community participation. I am aware some are enthusiastic, others are not so driven to sharing the event on the media streams.

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The hard truth is; if we do not continually share and become active in making people aware of The Shows and OUR ethos, the attendance will be lower than could be achieved. It is interesting that the two emails I have received from ‘exhibitors’ who have complained about the attendance and footfall did not provide Community Profile information or share the Show on their social media platform. It is essential to remember the word Community, and when everyone pulls together, magic will happen. Many Community Members had a financially successful show. This is evidence many Visitors are prepared to spend money and enjoy the Show.

A concise review will investigate every aspect of the show, good and bad. It would be simple for me to fill this page with the excellent and bias opinion which extols the virtues and ignores the negatives.  In fact, as you read this article and listen to the audio download. It is possible to realise there are many guiding observations in the following thousand words. Self-promotion is a critical factor in individuals success. People will stay if there is an interaction between Community and Visitors. It is pointless thinking people will just turn up at a show by magic. The main factor to success is making a long-term commitment to Visitor awareness of one’s specific products, therapies, readings and services.

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The first Community Member to speak was Jane Osbourne. The first talk is always the most difficult to fill, and Jane excelled people had travelled to listen to her subject. Over the weekend most of the talks were well attended. Some had every seat filled, and a few sadly did not achieve the ‘full house’ status. There is a need for me to address this problem and the new LEN platform will mean we will be able to ‘spotlight’ the talks at future events. This may be a way to encourage fully attended talks at every show.

By midday, the Visitor attendance seemed reasonably healthy. There were new faces, and many returning from previous events. The next hurdle would be to discover how long our Visitors stay at the show. The reader should understand that if the Visitor does not stay on the floor for extended periods, the venue will look empty. Our table limit policy was for the first time being tested, and if you listen to the audio file, the Visitors and Community recognise the success of the strategy. The final assessment is many stayed until the end of the Show, and over thirty Visitors came for both days: another milestone for The Community.

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I walked the floor for most of the weekend. The Community had differing degrees of success. Some had a poor show and most likely will not return. I cannot overemphasise the importance of interaction with the Visitors. The British are in general polite by nature, and they will not interrupt ‘exhibitors’ who sit behind their stalls talking to assistants. The Visitor will see ‘exhibitors’ using mobile devices as not interested in them, and they will walk away. From a customer perspective, the Visitor needs to see explanations of the products and prices in full view. It is no use complaining trade was ‘slow’ if the sales protocols are not followed. The Members of The Community who have busy and profitable experiences know what is required for the Visitor to engage in conversation and possible sales. All follow the four rules; they are; smile, greeting, explanation and price.

Ok. Lets read about the strengths of the shows. Our Visitor feedback can be summed up in one word ‘Amazing’. Everyone who left is asked ‘Did you enjoy the show?’ Any complaints? No a one. The Community is a hit, and the Visitors love them. Time after time we listen to ‘Variation’ ‘Lots to see’ ‘I stayed all day’ ‘Superb choice’ ‘Loved the talks’. To my mind, everyone who leaves the show with this attitude and memory has entered the ‘Zone of Well Being’, and this is the objective of each Show.

You see, the blend, quality and ‘show to show’ variation is where we wish to take each event. I accept there is also a strong argument for events which have regular ‘exhibitors’ which will also attract visitors. Do not think I am offering the suggestion other methods of organisation are not established or successful. The way OUR shows are organised are unique to us: The sequence is 1) Become a sharing and caring Community Member.  2) Read and digest the terms and conditions. 3) Accept that we not only encourage, we require Community Members to share and promote. 4) Interact and communicate with every Visitor.

Those who are following these protocols are succeeding. Others may not grasp the power of communication. Let’s review a situation: A stalwart Community Member said to me ‘Ian our area is dead and no one is coming down here’ – So I ventured down into the area eleven times on the Saturday and eight times on Sunday. At the end of the show ‘an exhibitor’ commented ‘I did not see much of you’ – The fact is if they cannot see me Visitors cannot see them, and I have not made a mistake in the wording of this part of the sentence.

Liz and I will always watch the floor, and the way Community and Visitors interact. There is no place for the moaner or underminer. And when someone moans ‘The shows will never come back to what they were’ my answer is ‘thank goodness for that’. Because my observation is, in the end the shows failed and hit the floor. And Liz and I cleared the ground removed the debris and began again. And do not think I am writing about past organisers. My words are directed at the people who cannot see the bigger picture. Those who moan and found fault, those who were on self-destruct. Empires do not collapse from the weakness of the foundations and buildings; they collapse due to the neglect of the nation.

My suggestion to those whose attitude is within the statement ‘the shows will never return to what they were’ is this: ‘Go elsewhere, but do not believe you can return when our footfall is high, and the majority of The Community is working to mutual success’. We are not driven by money or profit we are encouraged by success. And the success is gauged by the feedback made by The Community. It is assessed from the response of the Visitors. We will not allow the headway we have made to be lost by sailing into an ill wind. We will be carried by the whispering fresh breeze of the words of happy, content and returning Visitors. I cannot overemphasise the fact we are Community driven, and we are building a reputation of integrity and openness, all Community Members should understand this aspect of our ethos.

Visitors loved the Show, and this is because they see and remember The Community Members who have a message to give and the Stalls which look inviting. The Visitors take home with them the smiles and interesting conversations. They take home the ideas and concepts listening to a well-presented talk. They see the memory in an ethically sourced purchase. They feel the memory of the beautiful item of jewellery. They reflect upon the suggestions and idea within a reading. They feel great for days after a massage or healing session. And these memories are the ones which guide them to return to the show. They leave the Show with the objective fulfilled they feel and are in ‘The Zone of Well Being’.

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Was the show a success? The fact is many of The Community thrived, and a few did not fare so well. Never think I will run away and ignore this aspect of the events. I intend to promote and give all members of The Community every opportunity to prosper. Take stock of my words; they are evidence of the potentials and brilliance of The Community. No one should question that each Show binds us closer. And as we come to embellish the purpose of A Well Being show, we will be recognised as an example of what occurs when people with different beliefs and ideas come together for a single purpose.

The majority of The Community is ‘getting the message’ and believe me; it will not be long before OUR Shows are thriving to capacity. I walk the floor, take photographs, record interviews. I do this because the desire is for The Community to see the progress they are achieving. The archive is growing, and when we look back, we will see an incredible turnaround. There is no respite to Liz and my desire to promote the Shows every day. The Community is truly making waves and establishing an indelible identity in all who meet them at the Shows. Liz and I are immensely proud to be associated with every one of you.

See You Soon

Here Are a few FaceBook Comments to finish this article:

Rick Paul It was an awesome weekend, a good number of readings loads of talented people, some sage advice from one of my go-to guru’s it was just great.

Carole Ann Catterall Liz and Ian, you did a fantastic job! All your hard work and enthusiasm for these shows is paying off. A very well deserved outcome for the weekend. Thank you.

Lisa Bateman Thank you, Liz and Ian, for such an amazing experience on my first show. Your dedication and passion shows well done. Beautiful energies and lovely people. Well done xx

Katt Lawrence Felt very humbled to be made so welcome and have such a successful weekend being a new exhibitor. To that end it only right Lizian events have priority in my diary to return such support. Thank you to everyone involved and the customers without whom we could not shine xx

Eliza Hodge Was a great weekend. Fantastic Community with lots of new ones. The same with visitors who haven’t been for a few years. A friend rang today to say it was the best for years she got dates from me for all LizianEvents xx

Valerie Clark enjoyed my visit on Saturday, so much energy and positive vibes, well-done x

LizianEvents Thank You, Valerie, – Visitors are part of the vibes – You make the show unique – Thank You for your support and comments – Ian

Shirley McEvoy A fantastic weekend met so many friends and made new ones the energy was fantastic the products on offer were of the best quality I have seen in a long time big thank you to Ian and Liz for all their hard work looking forward to the next event X

LizianEvents Thank You, Shirley, and there is no doubt your sharing and dedication to The Community and Shows is very much part of the continuing success and evolution – Ian


  1. A clear and fair review. It takes a brave individual to focus on the areas needing further work. If people accept thier parts in this type of event they will be happy with the results.

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