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incense bribe
incense bribe

During a conversation at the LizianShop this morning a customer commented.
‘I use your ‘news’ as a database. Sometimes I search around the site for half an hour or more’.
I look at her in surprise as this is the first reference received from a customer at LizianShop. I confess to feeling pride and happiness from the comment.
‘What do you look for?’
‘Everything, the profiles are interesting, and your comments can be near to the bone for my taste. I wonder if you sometimes push a little too hard on occasions. Although this would not stop me reading it. I read the essays every day. I look forward to the notification.’
‘Anything you do not like?’
‘Yes, your random posting times. This grates’.
‘Do you find LEN easy to navigate?’
‘The new version is better than the old one. I spent half an hour on it last night, its easier to read on my phone. I did not like the colours of the old site and the words were difficult to read’.
‘Can I have a picture?’
‘I’ll give you the incense if you’d consider answering a question’.
‘What’s the question?’
‘How old are you?’
‘I’ll have three boxes then’.

She walks away pleased with the deal. The sticks would have cost £4-50 and to my mind worth every penny exchanged is a good market research investment. We learn a great deal from random conversations. And when we are prepared to extend the boundaries of our questions there is a much to learn.

In less than three minutes I discovered a sprightly sixty-seven-year-old lady, can navigate her iPhone with ease. She searches for information on LEN, and she looks forward to reading the articles. The comments about being ‘sometimes being a little hard’ are expected, I listened to it before. (My friend Sarah, once asked me how I dared write the earlier articles.) My customer is right about the random posting times. I will be returning to midnight scheduled postings during the first week of March.

Like many casual encounters, this one with my customer made the day. My customers comments about LEN and The Community makes the time spent developing the site worthwhile. I do not dismiss the most important aspect of her comments; it is without The Community this site would be worthless.

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