Nottingham – Trowell ~ 5th and 6th of May

It is less than a week away from the popular Nottingham – Trowell Well Being Show. Again we have a full house, thirty-three Community Members. Visitors will enjoy a rich and varied talk schedule and one workshop.

The usual blend of retail, therapies and readers provides more than enough for a minimum three-hour visit. Many people will make a full day, and some will attend on both days. The talks vary in content from crystals, aura, and essential oils. All presenters are recognised authorities in their field.

Nottingham – Trowell Well Being Show has earned an enviable reputation for the quality of the catering. A simple and sensibly priced menu covers most tastes. There is a vegetarian based Chili which is proven popular with all Visitors.

Nottingham – Trowell

See You There


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