Exciting Times

Only a few days before the Nottingham – Trowell Well Being Show. I feel excited for The Community. The venue is ready; the lists are ticked, we are prepared. Now, the inevitable questions are being asked about set-up and parking, talk schedules and catering. And a cancellation or two. It’s the magic of The Well Being Shows. They are alive and breathing, growing and have an enviable identity.

While driving to London on Saturday, Darren asked ‘Do you worry about attendance?’ It is a legitimate question. The answer ‘No, never have and never will’ he laughed and said ‘That’s amazing’.

It is not amazing; it is factual. How can I concern myself with Visitor numbers? I know Liz, and I have done everything possible to make the event work. It is The Community which is the Well Being Show. They accept their part in the promotion and fulfil the obligation. Many do not do so and this is the way of life, there are those who take part and win and those who chose to benefit from the efforts of others.

What a statement! Many would fear to write and publish the words. Why should I fear truth? Those who cannot write their true feelings, their real and apparent observations are fraud. Our Well Being Shows (and by OUR I refer to The Community’s Shows) are based on the idea Visitors enjoy a day or weekend of ways to Well Being. And what is the core of this? It is the ethos of the organisation. There is no room for lies or deception; there are four open doors on every side of our building of Well Being. We stood foursquare (marked by boldness and conviction) and dedicated to giving the shows and organisation a crown of majestic reputation.

Some time ago: a Community Member sent me an email. ‘I receive endearing and supportive comments on my FaceBook page, and although they seem supportive, I feel the comments are made for anterior motive’. He saw through the ploy: the suspicions were confirmed by an invite to appear at an event. Flattery is dangerous and easily seen through; one act, one false statement and the sun is on the ice. My choice is the truth, whatever the message: good or no. 

Visitors, Community, Venue all know the reason for the Well Being Shows. There is no ulterior motive. We connect and thrive, that is all, this is all we should understand. I comment on the infrastructure and allow readers into our plans and objectives. You’ll not see all we have planned; you’ll see some subtle changes to the show layouts. We continue to climb the ascent to greater recognition and awareness; nothing will take us away from this goal.

Never, never have Liz, and I felt so excited about the future of OUR Well Being Shows. The quality, depth and breadth of The Community increase with each subsequent event. And this is why we do not worry about the success of each event, they are successful already, and this is my truth.

You should realise, the intention is to be universally recognised. This can only be achieved by working daily to expand our network. Sometimes we find encouragement in unexpected situations. On Saturday while sitting backstage at the TEDx conference, I spoke to one of the presenters ‘What do you do Ian?’ and I told her about ‘LizianEvents Well Being Shows’. Looking through our website and LEN she commented ‘This is special Ian, I have never seen anything like it, there are other types of events, but not one which truthfully projects its intention’ Later on, when she was on stage, I realised her complements were very special indeed.


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