A Reminder – Editorial

What is the “WHY or PURPOSE” of The Communities Well Being Shows? Never forget the shows focal point is unifying like-minded people. This objective flows through every facet of the event. From the first telephone call to the venue to closing the doors on Sunday evening. All are directed to connecting hundreds of people who wish to find ways to wellness.

The Organisers Ethos

Choosing to be free from financial motivation: means profits become business assets. The formula is simple; pay the overheads before they are due and direct all residue toward promotion and higher awareness of our activities. No doubting we are making headway; no doubt more Visitors are aware of The Communities presence.

Is the Ethos Working?

Before committing to any objective, the question must be – ‘Is the goal is achievable?’-  It is no use hoping or guessing a project will bear fruit: to do this is fool-hardy. Our viewpoint is to establish parameters. Work within the terms and conditions which are fair and agreed by The Community. Connect people with constant interaction. Review our practices and evolve on a daily basis. These principals are followed every day, and without question, Liz and I are the infrastructures: The Community is the show, the reason Visitors travel to the venue.

Who Benefits?

Thousands, no millions of people seek ways to happiness, health and security. We now recognise the fact people are taking responsibility for their lives and look for an understanding of the three core values of Well Being (Happiness – Health – Security). This is WHY the shows thrive. There is no need to embellish ‘sales sweet talk’ our focus is on the WHY or the purpose of work.

Now we know there are ways to live which enrich life’s experience: and the methods require dedication and support. Our organisation has a symbiotic relationship with Visitors and Community: we support each other, and this is why after only twelve months the events thrive. Therefore, the answer is; we all benefit from the shows, LizianEvents News, the classified ads and the free directory. Do you see the point? Our shows are holistic events which thrive 365 days a year. Our work is a continuous flow of information, not just six or seven weekends in a year. 

 Every Well Being event must offer sufficient interest for the potential attendee. To travel to the shows involves a commitment of time and money. They must see there is a varied and exciting Community, healthy talk schedule and as Visitors explore the possibilities open to them, they will sense the organisation is happy, healthy and secure. The organisation has to be a reflection of the WHY. There can be no shortcuts, no wavering from the purpose, the requirement is a determination to succeed. To become a Well Being takes dedication, review and evolution, for the Well Being Shows to thrive there is a need for commitment, review and evolution. The parallel is evident; the show must be a reflection of the WHY.  

The Right Choices

Before writing this editorial Liz and I reviewed the Community Lists for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. There is no way we could upset the balance of the floor plan; we have to hold fast and keep to the ethos. We have published the first lists for the two sides of the show on the website; these are the confirmed Community Members. There are many more to confirm their place at the show. Why do we have to hold fast to the ethos? Because, the foundation of the show is to provide a diverse blend of services, therapies, products for the Visitor to enjoy. A hall full of readers, ten hypnotists, twelve crystal stands represents an imbalance. However, eighty different stands are interesting and a compelling reason to visit the venue.

Fans enjoy attending music concerts: the question is; would they attend if the artist played only her four top hits in sequence for the two-hour show? The answer is no; they would not! So, we are conscious of making the right choices and giving the Visitor an exciting and vibrant experience. 

Continuous and Relentless

LizianEvents Well Being Shows are holistic events which thrive 365 days a year. Our work is a continuous flow of information, not just six or seven weekends in a year. Members of The Community and Visitors are connected weeks before and months or years after a show. The connections are growing, and the WHY is thriving: 6000+ visitor’s to LEN this month. How many in April 2019?

See You Soon

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  1. Could not be said better. Everything makes sense: LizianEvents​ and its Community have proved this attitude and method works… and will carry on proving it works! Looking forward to seeing you all at Lincoln Well Being show 2/3 June so that you, dear visitors, become or remain ‘Well Beings’ ! 🙂 xx

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