Claire Hegarty – Interview

Claire Hegarty
Claire Hegarty

Many people enjoy listening to interviews. And today I talk to Claire Hegarty about her work and future.

Clare is a fantastic lady with an incredible drive and focus. Her wisdom and understanding of her specialist subjects is impressive. During the interview, she talks about her work, vision and personal journey.


Thanks To Claire for this insightful interview

Claire’s Website




Claire’s Radio Show – ‘The Health Inspector’

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  1. Very good interview. An interesting lady. Impressed with her forthright insight into her journey and how she has taken control of her life. I spent a considerable time on Claire’s website and listened to her radio show. Will be listening again. – Thank you – Janine

  2. Very interesting interview with Claire Hegarty. We are indeed multifaceted beings and often need to be helped to understand ourselves, in order to solve the problems we often create by our own mind set! Thank you Claire– and Ian for bringing this topic to people’s attention 🙂

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