A short editorial today:

Liz and Jon are pleased with the response received as they continue to promote the Newark Well Being Show. People are now commenting ‘how did the last show go?’. We can use one-word ‘Recognition’. The local people are remembering the show as a ‘Newark’ event, they are taking possession of our shows.

The reference to WE is to The Community:

We, as a Community, must acknowledge our efforts are now beginning to reap useable harvests. As mentioned, many people in Newark and the surrounding areas are becoming aware of our presence and our objectives. The long-term aim is for them to know for sure, The Newark Well Being Show is an asset to their one community. We can draw the conclusion from this paragraph that we intend to nurture the show. We will increase the attendance and love of the show. 

The Community is The Well Being Shows:

We must continue, with relentless dedication to promoting our Well Being Shows. Remember, there are little headways made with late promotions and late shares. We have to share on a regular basis engrave the Well Being Shows in the minds of our Visitors.

Your LizianEvents Group:

Our LizianEvents Group now has seven-hundred and fifty members: The membership could easily be one-thousand plus, we have chosen to be careful with those who apply to join the group. When an application is made, it is carefully reviewed, a quick search on the internet, and then a look through the applicants Facebook profile. If all is acceptable, we have a new member.

While writing about the Group, there will be people who have posts declined. The four main reasons for this are One: the subject or information is not relevant. Two: there is an excess of posts of the same topic or event. Three: the applicant does not reciprocate, with information, they may have a group or active page, and we do not see any information about The Community on their pages, or our posts are not shared. The traffic has to be two way, the one-way flow goes nowhere. Four: there are unsuitable links attached to the post.

We recently received an email asking why we had removed an exhibitor profile. There can be many reasons for deletion or redirect. Primarily the reason would be a criticism of a Community Member or The Well Bing Shows. Inaccurate gossip about OUR ethos, or principals. All we do is transparent and without prejudice. If something is done to damage the reputation of The Community or Well Being Shows we deal with the issue. 

Email Received:

I received an email about an editorial post in which I commented: ‘During the growth of a business, there are every possibility losses will be made’. The correspondent asked if I were inferring that this was an excuse on my part if a Community Member lost money during an event. It is a valid question, and the answer is, I was referring to all business set-ups. In fact, I comment, until all loans and overdrafts are repaid, the business is still in negative equity. 

It is interesting because this article and specifically my comment about ‘losses’ have been used out of context. Indeed ‘exhibitors’ have inferred the comment is my excuse to those who do not fare so well during an event. This is closed-minded and bias comment. All articles are written to help The Community prosper, and yes, all the issues of a subject are addressed. Articles are written to provoke thought, and ask the reader to accept the relevance or not of the information contained in the report.

One facet is certain: We put every effort into promoting every Well Being Show. Our show is about us ‘The Community’ working together to help people become a ‘Well Being’. We are a holistic show. For a holistic enterprise to work, we all have to pull together and work in unison to a common purpose.

Over the weekend of 15 & 16th of September, The Newark Well Being Show will be in full swing. Who knows how we will fair? We do, The Community because every share and promotion WE put into the show will reap the rewards over this weekend,

See You Soon

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  1. As always Ian spot on honest and straightforward, I will never tire of writing that you get out of an event what you put into it, the things are in place the venue the promotion etc. Now the question is proposed what are you the individual prepared to do to promote your product, your therapy, your skill. The stage has been state and I for one look forward to stepping on to it at Newark, see you soon.

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