It has been over a month since we asked the question “Should we continue with the workshops?” The Poll is now finished, and the results are now ready.

There were one-hundred and thirteen votes. Six were spoiled or double voted, this brings the total to one-hundred and seven. It is felt the double votes were incorrect clicks, nothing more, there is no indication of anything other than a fair poll.

The final results are:

YES – 63
NO – 44

This indicates nearly a thirty per cent majority for the workshops to stay. And therefore they will continue to be part of the schedule at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

We now have a second question to ask Community Members and Vistors:

“How much are you prepared to pay for a one and a half hour workshop?”

Therefore a second poll is scheduled for The Tenth of August. This will be the question above with three answers: £10 – £20 – £30.

The poll is scheduled so as readers can be prepared for the survey and it seems fair to have a simple article about the workshops. Readers are given the opportunity to offer any suggestions for this forthcoming article. Anything you wish to contribute about workshops will be considered for submission.

Incidentally, the number of voters for our first poll is encouraging, over one-hundred votes clearly indicate how many people visit our pages. The actual figure for the article is two hundred and fifty, but do not get too excited, this is the accumulated number, not the figure on the day of publishing, which was one-hundred and seven.

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