Visitors to the Newark Well Being Show will enjoy the result of sixteen months of evolution. Our objective to bring like-minded and dedicated people together is taking momentum. In this article, we look a little deeper into the talks list. This article is the third ‘In-Depth Review’ of the September Newark talks.

The biggest drawback of this venue is the lack of talk rooms. And with only one area we have to compensate by making the talks just forty-five minutes long: as you can see The Community have risen to the challenge and here is the list of presentations.

☞Talks List

The visitor is guided to remember there is no charge for the talks and we have no need to have a booking procedure. Take the talk list, choose who you wish to see, and go to the talk room at the appropriate time.

For this article here are four appraisals: some are reflections on Visitors feedback other are made from personal knowledge of the presenters. 

Jurga Proudlove: Manage your emotions with Essential Oils

Here Is Jurga’s explanation about her talk:

How to manage your mood, emotions and hormones with Nature’s Fragrant Pharmacy
Do you feel like you are on a huge rollercoaster when it comes to your moods and emotions?
Would you like to feel more in control of your emotional health?
Would your children and family benefit from you having more balanced hormones? Would you prefer to feel more level-headed at work as well as at home?
Learn how we can tap into nature to help manage our moods, emotions and hormones more naturally with the help of plant power.

Jurga Proudlove is an incredible lady, dedicated, confident, determined to succeed. Anyone who works with Jurga will benefit from her wisdom and knowledge and can be assured of seeing great results from any association with her. Attendees will be captivated with the presentation and will leave with a real understanding of how Essential Oils can bring long-lasting or permanent benefits to one’s life.

Jurga’s talk: Sunday 16th at 14:00

Jane Osbourne: Quantum Healing Past Life Regression what is it?

Jane’s talk is a must, must see! Attendees will be assured of a sparkling and brilliantly presented presentation. It is no surprise to that Jane is an incredibly busy lady. The demand for her knowledge is countrywide. Not only does she run workshops, seminars, private group discussions: the demand for her spiritual retreats is incredible.

Her books are writing masterpieces, easy to read, well researched and informative. Not only this, the titles are often based on her experiences of the subject matter. Her past life book is a five-star recommendation.

I offer this introduction as evidence that Jane’s talk is worthy of Visitors time. Of course, you can meet and talk with Jane during the show, but do not miss this short seminar, it will be worthy of your time.  

Jane’s talk: Sunday 16th at 14:45

Eliza Hodge: Geopathic Stress and Sick Building Syndrome

Have you ever walked into a house and thought: “Something does not feel right?” Everyone has at some time or another. Have you ever been in an area which also seems to have ‘bad vibes’? Most of us have also felt this uncomfortable feeling. It is entirely possible that geopathic stress could be the cause of the feelings.

Eliza has worked over many years to gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of geopathic stress. During this talk, she will provide the information needed to recognise the symptoms of the problem. There is much evidence to indicate geopathic stress is the cause of illness and personal discord. Have you moved to a new area, or into a new home and ‘things’ seemed to change for the worse? Maybe you should learn to identify the areas of geopathic stress and then correct them.

As you listen to Eliza’s talk, you learn about the ways to improve your home, environment, and eliminate Geopathic Stress. A fantastic speech given by a highly knowledgeable and superb experienced presenter. 

Eliza’s Presentation: Sunday 16th at 15:30

Rick Paul talks about his journey:

Rick recently presented this talk to a group of people in Mansfield. The ripples of his words filtered through to me a few days later. “Just loved the whole talk, Ian. And I could have stayed there all day. Rick’s connection to the audience was incredible, and in fact, it seemed as if he was in tears, from the messages received”.

Rick Paul is making an impression on all who meet him. He is carefully building a reputation for being a superb spiritual counsellor and spiritual medium. It is often said “The Mediums greatest accomplishment is to heal those he works with spiritually” and Rick accomplishes this objective with kindness and love.

This presentation is unique: It begins with a conversation, an interaction between Rick and his audience, within a short time, a connection is made, and a message is given. The conversation then continues. Another message is conveyed, and so the time passes. Many attendees return time and again to enjoy and be part of this beautiful presentation. 

Do not miss the final talk of the show. It will be a perfect finish to what is destined to be a weekend of happiness, wellness, kindness and spiritual learnings.

Rick’s talk: Sunday 16th at 16:15 

During Septembers Newark Well Being Show Visitors will be able to enjoy sixteen different and exciting talks over the weekend. None are repeated, and all presenters are chosen because they commit to reviewing their talks for every show. This commitment to excellence brings vibrancy and life to their seminars. The talks are brief, so as, Visitors can enjoy time in the exhibition hall between talks.

The talk schedule is an essential aspect of the events. We should consider some Visitors come to the shows especially to enjoy the talks and this is why our talk schedule is expansive and covers varied interests.

With our renowned atmosphere, every Visitor is bound to enjoy the event. Sixty fantastic Community Members. Sixteen powerful and inspiring talks. Unlimited parking and superb newly refurbished exhibition hall. The scene is set for a magnificent show.

See You There

☞Talks List

Newark Well Being Show
15 and 16th of September
Cedric Ford Pavillion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

Newark Show Ground Map

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