The previous Darren Stanton conversation was listened to by over three-hundred and forty people. The MP3 version received twenty-two downloads. Excellent figures and excellent promotion for both LizianEvents and Darren. This is why submitting written articles, recordings, posting videos, help with making people aware of ones work. And every ‘look-see’ contributes to the development of The Well Being Events.

The focus of the conversation is on sharing and the power of connections. We comment on some of the highs and pitfalls of using social media. This is an important aspect to consider when information is posted on the internet.

Darren comments of celebrities and how they work with the public. He suggests they never rest on their laurels, continuous visibility and promotion is essential to success and reaching objectives. Yes, there are millions of people who are potential customers: However, in today’s world all has changed: Darren and I know that you have to give, share and provide an immense amount of free information before you can even think about putting a cost on your skills or ideas. 

This conversation gives a real insight into how Darren has found his niche and identity. He follows a practical and workable method of self-promotion: In the same way, LizianEvents also follow a strategic approach to promotion. We both know, connecting, sharing, giving ones media platforms an identity, and identity which encourages Visitors to return time and again. This is a long haul process: which initially seems slow to gain results, in the long term, this methods payback is worth its weight in gold.

It is of no use talking about yourself every day!: We suggest that to gain media visibility you have to share and connect with other people. We explain why this is the most potent of all self-promotion tools. Of course, there will multitudes who disagree, and that’s fine, their learning curve will be tortuous.


When someone shares and comments about Darren or LizianEvents they are helping in the success of our objectives. Darren’s objective is to connect with potential clients: we aim to attract Visitors to The Community. 

Whenever people connect they spread the word, about themselves or those they would like to succeed. One connection shared by a chain of six other people can reach across the world. Enjoy the conversation and download the MP3 without charge:

See You Soon

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  1. Long audio and worth listening to for the information about the how and why of sharing. I looked a Darren’s website, this is impressive and also adds weight to the validity of the ideas offered. What works for Darren, must work for us. I downloaded the last and now this MP3, it was an easy and safe exercise. Well done LEN for giving us this free and brilliant advise. Janine

  2. Brilliant, thanks for posting it is so easy to help one another and share information, for anybody reading this tag me in your work your groups etc I will happily share your work like your pages etc all I ask is that you do the same for me. Simples. Remember as the saying goes “sharing is caring”

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