At this show, Visitors will enjoy the result of sixteen months of evolution. Our objective to bring like-minded and dedicated people together is taking momentum. In this article, we look a little deeper into the talks list. This article is the third ‘In-Depth Review’ of the September Newark talks.

The biggest drawback of this venue is the lack of talk rooms. And with only one area we have to compensate by making the talks just forty-five minutes long: as you can see The Community have risen to the challenge and here is the list of presentations.

☞Talks List

The visitor is guided to remember there is no charge for the talks and we have no need to have a booking procedure. Take the talk list, choose the presenter, go to the talk room at the appropriate time.

For this article here are four appraisals: some are reflections on Visitors feedback other are made from personal knowledge of the presenters.

Emma Gowshall: Animal Communication

No one should underestimate Emma’s ability to communicate with animals. The growing and loyal following she has established over the years comes from her genuine understanding of the ways to communicate with animals. During conversations with Emma, you feel her kindness and commitment to her work. She is also a person of high principals and values who will never compromise her work or its ethos.

If you have an interest or love of animals and wish to connect or grow a stronger bond between yourself and your pet, come and listen to Emma’s talk. She will guide attendees to the why’s and how’s of communication. Although, the focus of this talk is for Emma to share her knowledge of animals and explains how animals and people can mirror symptoms and illness and how this can be prevented. You will learn many lessons during the seminar. No doubt in my mind this will be a fantastic talk for all of us who love and care for all animals.

Emma’s talk: Sunday 16th at 11:00

Brigitte Rix: The merging of science and Spirituality

Brigitte is one this countries most respected and well-loved spiritual authors. She has a dedication to her work which is felt by all who talk to her. You cannot help but be captivated by Brigitte’s intelligence and knowledge. Many of her delightful books are a result of channelled conversations made during hours of meditation. This talk will provide attendees of ways to use life-changing ideas which are derived from combining scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Brigitte’s talk will be lively and interactive, and she encourages a questions and answers format. She will take you on a journey of spiritual discovery, and the methods and ideas learned can be used for a lifetime.

Brigitte’s talk: Sunday 16th at 11:45

Dathan Berry: Solrox

Dathan Berry’s talk will be superb: no doubt about it. If you watch his video presentation about his products and how they work, you will discover an incredible relationship between ancient deep mind salts and our health.

During this talk, you will be captivated by the ideas Dathan offers: He will describe the source of the salts, their effects upon your body and how they can be used. You have come to this show to learn about the many aspects of ways to become A Well Being: Dathan will provide a real opportunity for you to fulfil this goal.

Dathan’s Presentation: Sunday 16th at 12:30

David Albans: How to Stop Worrying

A wonderful man: David is a human of exquisite kindness. His ability to care and give to fellow man has no boundary. If you enter a conversation with David, you’ll discover you are privileged to be in the company of a wise and open-minded man. I have never known him to be anything other than a great listener and if wise words are offered: they are bound with love and integrity.

Visitors who attend this talk will enjoy listening to a man of great spiritual wisdom. There is no doubt his words will give attendees food for thought: But more than this, David will demonstrate that the is a practical, prayerful and spiritual way to overcome worry and find a real sense of peace within your Being.

This will be a talk to keep in your heart and mind for years to come.

David’s talk: Sunday 16th at 13:15

During Septembers Newark Well Being Show Visitors will be able to enjoy sixteen different and exciting talks over the weekend. None are repeated, and all presenters are chosen because they commit to reviewing their talks for every show. This commitment to excellence brings vibrancy and life to their seminars. The talks are brief, so as, Visitors can enjoy time in the exhibition hall between talks.

The talk schedule is an essential aspect of the events. We should consider some Visitors come to the shows especially to enjoy the talks. This is the reason why our talk schedule is expansive and covers varied interests.

With our renowned atmosphere, every Visitor is bound to enjoy the event. Sixty fantastic Community Members. Sixteen powerful and inspiring talks. Unlimited parking and superb newly refurbished exhibition hall. The scene is set for a magnificent show.

See You There

☞Talks List

Newark Well Being Show
15 and 16th of September
Cedric Ford Pavillion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

Newark Show Ground Map

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☞Newark Talks List


  1. Thank you for your kind words. The wide range of talks at Newark is exciting and will be helpful to our Visitors; I only wish I could attend them too… but duty calls at my stand! 🙂 xx

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