Today will be a busy day for Liz, Jon and me today. The work is enjoyable and gives a great feeling of accomplishment. To see our objectives being reached and to see The Community working together for the benefit of Visitors makes us feel Well Beings.

Anyone who says this is hard work is probably doing something wrong. Yes, there is a considerable amount of administration and many hours devoted to our media streams. But this is no more than anyone else does on a daily basis. 

Today is all about welcoming The Community Members to the venue. Maybe there will be a few questions. However the floor plan is designed, nothing more to do, we have to stay on plan. 

Liz, Jon and I enjoy the beginning of the weekend. It always seems to me there is a vast ocean liner being prepared for sea. The crew are reading for the voyage, tomorrow the passengers arrive, and a voyage of discovery begins.

No matter how The Newark Well Being Show is perceived, none can doubt the effort now concentrated into the energy of the show. The flyers, post outs, emails, social media posts, the information here on LEN. All of this potential awaits release tomorrow when the doors are opened.

We also have star Community Members who have shared the information about the show. There are Community Members who have made other significant contributions, some have written articles, others have made audio recordings, and many have spoken about the shows during their professional engagements.

When we receive an enquiry from a new Community Member, and they say “I was recommended to talk to you by Mel, John” (and many others) we feel the reward for our efforts. And the new Community Member is always surprised when we say “We are NOT the show. The Community is the show. We do the easy job, take names, write lists and produce the connections between Visitor and Community members.”

Let us face the facts: This show is a landmark event. It will be the first where a considerable number of Community members have entered into the spirit and ethos of the community-driven Well Being Shows. Many more people see what is happening as having incredible potential. This is an accurate thought, you see, the potentials which are now flowing through the ‘spirit’ of the Well Being Shows will eventually light the path to new venues where more Community Members will join and thrive. This is one of the objectives: we do not shy away from the reality of success for The Community. If they prosper within the Well Being Shows, they will return and trust us when we say “Here is another venue: who is prepared to invest their time and commitment into making this another reflection of our intent?” 

All now is in the hands of The Community: We have fulfilled our promise and evidenced our actions. Now is the time for you to take the helm of this brilliant vessel of discovery.

“Celebrate Life – Become a Well Being” 

☞Talks List

Newark Well Being Show
15 and 16th of September
Cedric Ford Pavillion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

Newark Show Ground Map

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☞Newark Talks List


  1. I am so looking forward to this event and subsequent ones, the new waistcoat is here I am ready the community is ready the question I ask to the readers is “ARE YOU READY”. I look forward to seeing you all at the weekend, highest regards Rick.

  2. I am ready too! All packed at last… Fingers crossed motorways do not play up early Saturday morning…. then SEE YOU ALL there! It’s soooo exciting. Thank you all for helping create this new adventure! I cant wait to also meet our new Visitors.xx

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