What can we say? The Community Steps Up The Pace, and the shows are now having a fantastic impact on their Visitors. Eighteen months along the way they are right on track to fulfil the long-term objectives set out in April 2017. The Community is moulding the identity of The Well Being Shows. They have produced a unique style of an event which captivates Visitors.

Visitors are praising The Community time and again. The single observation from today is an excellent foot-fall: returning Visitors: and many new faces. The majesty of this aspect (new faces) is the span of the age groups. As I walked the floor for the whole of the day, I watched the smiles and felt the vibes. Being on the floor of The Well Being Show is like being within a simmering vessel of Wisdom – Knowledge and Understanding. And the focused devotion to the beauty of The Show is seen in the emotional and intellectual strength of The Community who have succeeded in influencing their Visitors.

The Community have excelled and continue to leave deep and lasting memories of happiness and accomplishment in the minds of their Visitors. The Community builds a solid gold reputation ‘show after show’. Nothing can stop this progress, The seeds of dedication and investment made by The Community over the last eighteen months is beginning to take root. After what has been accomplished today, they can look forward to rich harvests in the coming years.

This feeling of accomplishment is confirmed during conversations: As I spoke to The Community Members: There is an overwhelming feeling of optimism for the future of their Well Being Shows. Tomorrow is another day, and it is probable it will be as Saturday’s Victory. Saturday’s Victory? Yes! This incredible Community has finally closed the door on any doubt of meeting our objectives. The objectives are to be recognised as The Well Being Show. The future is bound to bring success and prosperity to all Community Members, and they deserve all that awaits them in the future.

See You Soon

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