If you were to review the two main LizianEvents media pages LizianEvents Group and LizianEvent Facebook page: you would discover a post sharer who has supported our work right from word dot. Claire Guichard has shared commented on and promoted the shows from day one. Claire is a fantastic lady who doesn’t seek the limelight or too much recognition. However, she is a consistent observer and supporter of The Community’s media.

I do not doubt that Claire understands this aspect of promotion as we see her likes, comments and shares on many hundreds of media posts. The sign of great character is to sit and watch and comment where and when is necessary. Claire is a careful watcher and has no fear of making serious and constructive comments when needed. On a few occasions in the past year, it has been heartwarming to read Clare’s supportive opinions when the storms get a little heavy. We must never underestimate the influence of the people who consistently promote our work have upon success in the future of The Well Being Shows.

Claire Guichard ; LizianEvents : Lizianevents
Claire Guichard ; LizianEvents : Lizianevents

Claire is also known for Summer Rose Tarot. And her reputation as a reader is first class, her spiritual councilling sessions are known to have clarity integrity and compassion. To further her work she has a permanent reading room in Market Rasen. ☞See Here: Incidentally, if you are considering a reading with Claire it is always helpful to pre-book an appointment.

Claire also has a shop on her website and the shop. And if you go to the website follow this link you can discover her amazing I’m beautiful worry dolls. With Christmas being close you could consider one of these powerful talismans as a present. ☞See Here:

You can very often meet Claire and enjoy an excellent Reading at the many shows she attends around the country. As already mentioned she is a well recognised and superb spiritual counsellor. One of the unique methods she uses is called Ribbon Reading. The client selects the colours and Claire makes an exciting interpretation of the clients choice. Jon enjoyed his Ribbon Reading reading and said ‘Unique and enjoyable, and I could recommend a ribbon reading to everyone. Indeed, everyone should experience a Ribbon Reading with Claire!’ And remember Jon is a harsh taskmaster when it comes to readings.

For further insight into Claire’s work, read the introduction on The Rummer Rose Tarot ☞Website:

“Hello, my name is Claire. I am a Spiritual Clairvoyant, Tarot and Ribbon Reader.
I have been reading Tarot for quite a few years now. I read intuitively, and I bought my first pack at 18 years of age…I’m not sure why though I thought they were interesting: although knew that I had to buy them!”

This short introduction guides the reader to Claire’s journey, the self-description offers the suggestion of intuition, evolution and many years of experience.

Every one of The Community is reliant upon people like Claire who share and promote the ideas, thoughts and work of The Community and The Well Being Shows. As the awareness of The Well Being Shows becomes greater, we will long back and see Claire Guichard as one of the founding leaders of The Well Being Shows.

Thank You – Claire


See You Soon

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