Today’s article is profoundly personal and of significance to anyone who has entered into the shadows of mental illness. I often talk to Jon about the articles published on LEN. He is particularly interested in the articles published next week about the mental health aspect of our health.

Jon Sharpe

He asked if he could take a recorder and microphone to record a personal view of mental illness. Who could refuse Jon? After he made the recording, he said ‘Do not edit it too much Ian’. It is my hope people will benefit from my words. He also asked if I would listen to the recording for the first time when I was alone. No doubt I entered a place of great privilege. 

If you listen to the whole of Jon’s recording, you will enter this place of potential healing yourself.

Jon Sharpe’s “Kindest of Words”


There is some minor editing because of the long spaces between his free-flowing thoughts, nothing is removed Jon talks for twenty minutes, and what a story he describes. 

It is essential to recognise the bravery required to talk with such intimacy on a subject feared by many people. Jon’s ‘Words of Kindness’ is one of the most significant articles LEN has published to date. We all benefit from these ‘Words of Kindness’.

Many Face’s of An Incredible Man

If you have any comments: or wish to contribute to the wellness of others by writing a similar article, please send in your submission.

All that remains is to thank Mr Jon Sharpe for this superb and intimate recollection of a painful episode most people could only imagine.

Thank You – Mr Jonathan Sharpe

See You Soon

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  1. …. As I try and wipe the tears flowing after listening to your heart-churning story, dear Jon, I’ll say a huge THANK YOU on behalf of all those you will (unknowingly perhaps) be helping, by sharing your traumatic times and giving guidance and hope.

    I am so sorry you had that awful accident and you suffered so much.
    It is unbelievable & sickening that in this 21 century, hospitals and medical pontiffs did ( do?) not even think of checking what other damages such dreadful accidents could have caused, especially when the head and its intricate ‘computer’: the brain, are involved.

    And to me it is obvious one should keep an eye on the emotional and mental shock suffered by the victims.

    As to ‘psychiatric’ wards, and ‘so-called’ nursing homes for mentally affected patients, etc… more horrors could be revealed!

    Though I luckily never have been a patient there, I know of several such ‘prisoners’ pumped with drugs & stuck in bed, to suit the staff…
    Including.a poor homeless lad, who had been ill-treated time & again in his youth with horrid treatments (including electric shock!) & pointless ‘zombie-ing’ medication, instead of the ‘authorities’ checking on the emotional problems caused by a dysfunctional family including a abysmally cruel step father and a very selfish, heartless mother-(Any surprise he developed epilepsy later?!)
    I wish he had met and heard you, Jon. You would probably have saved his life.

    Thank you for your courageous recording. Straight from the heart , filled with compassion to help others who may badly need guidance and hope. You are a wonderful, caring young man. xx

  2. Incredible story, Jon you are amazing there are parallels with my own life and what I have taken from my “troubles” is like what you have seem to have done if our stories our experiences can help another through a difficult time then I am for one am grateful. I too have had the experience both indirectly through work and plus personal experience and can validate everything you have put down into words. I just want to say I salute you for your bravery and well done for sacrificing your privacy to raise awareness of a very emotive subject, well done. Much respect Rick.

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