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Mind Body and Spirit shows have become an important part of my yearly calendar. Most weekends are taken up with these events. I have been fortunate with my success, and I am blessed it is work I love and although, the days are long, with many early starts, very little can replace the happiness my spiritual vocation brings to my Being.

Many people will recall I travelled to Spain, Ireland, and Scotland with my gift, and although there are numerous happy memories from those times. These days I stay within a reasonable radius from my home centre. The outer edges include Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Cheshire. I do of course travel for private work and evening parties. The high demand for my workshops, weekend events, and private consultations keep me busy.

Fellow exhibitors are an extended family. Before each show, I try to find five or ten minutes for news and catch ups. However, as we know the events are hard work for everyone involved. We are there to work and give the very best to our visitors. This means once the doors are open there is little time to talk to fellow exhibitors or my many friends. Incidentally, Dave and I think we have a record for setting up and dismantling my stand. I’m told we seem to say goodbye’s and disappear, the reason is there is long and busy weekend behind us and sometimes a long drive to complete. Sunday evenings are feet up and rest from the busy two days; it’s nice to get home.

My work is a full-time vocation. The word Professional means ‘earning a living from’ and everything I do is taken very seriously. Consider my responsibility to my clients; their questions can be anywhere from deeply personal to spiritual. There are issues about loved ones in Spirit and spiritual guidance. Each question has to be answered with honesty and integrity. I have a down to earth attitude and if a message is received the message will be given and not changed. I am certain, my clients know this and respect my ability to deliver their message with compassion and kindness. Spiritual work is a way of bringing many types of closure to people who are struggling to make sense of loss. A reading is all about, guidance, options, and closure, my work has to be one of the most rewarding of all vocations.

I have decided to make an important change to my timetable at the shows. For most of my time attending Mind, Body & Spirit events I’ve hosted a free demonstration of Mediumship. It is a gratifying aspect of my work, which brings happiness and a sense of achievement. I realise many people would not see my work with Spirit if it was not for these free demonstrations. So the decision is one which is not taken without long and careful consideration.

Because I now have so many qualified students attending Mind, Body & Spirit events, I’ve decided to step down and give other Medium’s the opportunity to demonstrate their gift. Let’s face it; there are a limited number of time slots for talks. It seems fair after a decade of hosting the demonstrations, to give others the chance to give messages from Spirit.

Without my appointment book, the shows would be chaotic. One situation which I find difficult is the feeling of sorrow when someone needs guidance, and there is no space on the list for a consultation. My consultation list, workshops, private parties, weekend event calendar, has grown. And I must acknowledge the contribution and tremendous effort my partner Dave makes to my success.

I met Dave during 2010, and I know our meeting was orchestrated by Spirit. It is interesting that he had no interest in my Spiritual work, he worked in the corporate world of sales and marketing. Chalk and Cheese? No doubt about it. During our first date, I said to him ‘We will work together’ he passed the idea off with his usual smile. A few months later, in December 2010 he was made redundant. He could not anticipate the hard work and happiness in front of him, major changes were ahead for both of us.

During our first months together, Dave accompanied me to an Event in Whitby. He thought he was in for a lovely weekend, little did he realise how much is involved during a weekend show. During the weekend as I worked with my clients, he attended the talks and demonstrations. Later, on the drive home I could sense the wheels turning in Dave’s mind; he’d begun to see the potentials of my work and knew I was in need of organisation to make my life easier.

Early in 2011, Dave decided to work with me. He smiled when I reminded him of the first date when I said ‘We will work together’. To get a better understanding of my work, I guided him to join me as a student on the ‘Mechanics of Mediumship’ course. This opened the floodgates, and Dave chose to complete the whole Development Workshop. Soaking all the learnings, meditations, ideas like the proverbial sponge. Few people know, Dave is a very able and competent spiritual medium. With a solid understanding of my work and years of experience in marketing, he formulated the best way to organise my calendar and promote my work.

A dream team was born. My suggestion that he took the course and learned a full understanding of everything involved; toned down the promotion from corporate to spiritual. It was time for me to trust in his skills and the rest is history. Dave takes care of all the administration, bookings, website and promotional materials. He is never off duty; the day begins at 08:30 in the morning and will finish at ten the evening. The day is relentless, social media questions need addressing, texts require replies, emails never stop, he says ‘we are never off duty’, and there is no arguing with that one!

Dave and I work together with ease: he comments ‘it is not like working for a living,’ no doubt he enjoys our work and the pleasure it gives to both of us. I thank Spirit every day for the work they bring to our lives, in a world we love so much. My life is full of many blessings, a continuous stream of spiritual and emotional gifts. There can be no doubt we receive what we give. Goodness knows what I have given to have such a wonderful life.

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An Example of Simons Workshops

Simon Goodfellow – Lincoln WorkShop 

Banner Links To Simons Website
Banner Links To Simons Website

The First Steps of Your Psychic and Spiritual Journey

Simon has become recognised as the premier spiritual teacher in the U.K. The incredible success of many of his pupils is evidence to this. John Richardson and Rick Paul began their first steps with Simon.

The students will be introduced to four specific lessons. Each lesson has evolved as the result of Simon’s thousands of hours working as Spiritual Medium and Healer. The four steps will gently unlock the awareness needed to begin your Psychic and Spiritual Journey.

During this two hour introduction, Simon will teach and demonstrate four facets awareness. Each one, once understood can be used for the rest of your spiritual journey. Simons skill as a teacher and his generous nature will shine through during the two hours. When there are questions, he freely gives from his years of experience. This workshop is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in Spiritual ideas. Whether your long-term intention is to follow Simons footsteps or the desire is to work alone; or in small groups, the two hours are certain to be beneficial to your Spiritual Journey.

You Will Learn: –

• The Importance of ‘Clearing & Settling of the Mind.’
• Sensing The Energies which surround all people.
• The ‘Affirmation of Protection’ to awaken your Psychic Side.
• Working with the energies of the Pendulum.

For Further Information – Please contact Dave Harper Events Manager
Tel Office: 01302 869051
Mobile: 07894 091702

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  1. Well done ‘Spirit World’: What a great team you’ve helped put together!
    Simon’s sincerity & honesty shine through his article –
    And his success is evident to me at each MBS /Lizian event, where his appointment list is always full as soon as he sits down (if not before!) .
    A respected, caring, genuine medium and much-loved great tutor.

  2. twi angels who changed my life. gave me the confidence to be ‘I AM’. ove u both to bits xxx

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