Five Spiritual Counsellors are attending this event. Why do we use the title Spiritual Counsellors? The answer is in words progress and evolution. Gone are the days where a client sits with someone at a seaside pier. Today’s medium has to be a superb counsellor who has incredible empathy and understanding. Many Spiritual Counsellors run courses and work to help others succeed. Others choose to learn new skills to help their clients. The point is the modern Spiritual Counsellor continually progresses and evolves. The five counsellors who attend this weekend are dedicated to giving the very best of service this weekend.

Barrie John:

Barrie John : LizianEvents
Barrie John

Barrie is one of the UK’s leading psychic mediums. He is often on television and contributes to radio shows offering a spiritual opinion, paranormal activity and opinions related to his work. Barrie runs Psychic Investigations at The National Justice Museum here in Nottingham. And is the number one medium for paranormal investigations in this country. Barrie has just returned from a short tour of Germany, and there is a European tour booked for this year.

His reputation for giving clear and precise consultations is without question. It is not possible to have twenty plus years experience giving reading and platform demonstrations without providing spectacular messages for clients. No wonder the demand for his gifts is continuous and country-wide.

Visitors will discover he has time for everyone. Barrie is a credit to his profession and well loved by all who work with him. To be generous and kind is the sign of spiritual awareness. Enjoy your reading with Barrie this weekend.

☞Barrie’s Website

Julie Elizabeth:

Julie Elizabeth : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Well Being : Wellbeing
Julie Elizabeth

It is no surprise to discover Julie has an incredible following of clients. She has worked as a Spiritual Counsellor for many years, and as each year passes, her reputation grows. Julie runs well-attended Tarot and Awareness workshops: and is considered an excellent teacher and mentor. It is not possible to teach without knowledge and wisdom, and Julie draws upon years of experience to provide excellent readings.

People searching for clarity and direction should take a few moments to talk to Julie. They will find her understanding and compassionate. Julie is a medium and psychic of the highest standard; she works to the highest standards and ethics.

☞Julie’s Website

Pam Shield:

Pam Shield : LizianEvents
Pam Shield

Pam is Nottingham based: an advantage for local people looking for follow-up readings. She is an exceptionally talented Spiritual Counsellor. During the shows, we receive fantastic feedback from her clients. Their tributes centre on Pam’s consistent mediumistic ability, accuracy and kind approach. Pam is one of the most empathetic Spiritual Counsellors you could meet.

It is always recommended to talk to all Spiritual Counsellors before a reading. And this is something Pam enjoys before a consultation. Being able to connect to your Spiritual Counsellor is an essential factor to consider. Remember, you are trusting them to provide important messages and guidance. You will find Pam more than capable of delivering both requirements.

☞Pam’s Website

Rick Paul:

Mr Rick Paul : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Well Being : Wellbeing
Rick Paul

Rick Paul is determined to give his clients the very best of readings. He strives for excellence and clarity. During a consultation, it is impossible to sense an atom of ego. Rick Paul is 101% focussed on his client’s needs.

Ask him what he does he’ll answer “I am a medium connected to spirit” Ask him how he works, and he’ll answer “I work with spirit to help my clients. It is important for me to set the highest of standards, standards my clients should expect.”

It is no surprise Rick is enjoying the rewards of his hard work and building a great following. And do not forget, if you need advice about waistcoats Rick is your man!

Simon Goodfellow:

LizianEvents : Simon Goodfellow : Lizian Events
Simon Goodfellow

What can be written about Simon which has not already been recorded? He is known as the consummate Spiritual Medium. An amazing man, his courses and workshops are fully booked within days of the date being released. He has trained numerous professional mediums and helped people forge careers within the Spiritual circuit.

He is busy as a platform medium no surprises his events are always fully booked. It is not by chance Simon has such an incredible following. He has an amiable nature and is dedicated to his clients. Talk to anyone who has enjoyed a reading with Simon, and you’ll hear wonderful testimonials.

☞Simon’s Website

See You There

Nottingham Well Being Show
26 – 27 January 2019
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford RoadTrowell

Nottingham Trowell Map : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Nottingham Trowell Map:

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  1. Visitors will be spoilt: So much choice! FIVE Spiritual Counsellors at Nottingham Trowell show -BOOK EARLY before lists for ‘readings’ are full…
    (And come & be dazzled by Rick Paul’s new waistcoat!) 🙂

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