Nottingham Well Being Show  – Attending Community – List – The attending Community Lists cover the next four articles. Today, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As usual, the event is attracting substantial interest from Visitors. We are sure the event will be another stepping stone in the evolution of the Well Being Shows.

Tampara Seated Therapies

Tamara and Paul have worked together for over five years. Both are fully qualified professional masseurs and Reiki Masters. They are also qualified in other holistic healing practices, ear candling being one of their other qualifications. Many Visitors enjoy a session with both Tam and Paul during a show! I’m not surprised they have so many regular and faithful clients. Visitors will find them friendly and welcoming, and they will advise you on the most suitable therapy for your aches and pains.

Through The Looking Glass

Liz always says Jenny’s stall is an esoteric emporium. And you could not get a better description. You will find a fantastic range of goodie’s not available on the high street. If you need a wand, cards, incense or unusual gift Here is the first stop stall! Jenny is a lovely lady with a heart of gold and mind full of knowledge and wisdom Here are Jenny’s thought ’s: “I feel it is essential to observe many different ideas and thoughts as we seek spiritual insights and wisdom. The greater the blend, the more open-minded your views. – We sell a balanced mix of products on our stall: everything from lavender bags, chakra cloths, clothes, pre-loved and new books to incense, oil burners and tarot/oracle cards and bags”. You’ll enjoy talking to everyone at Through The Looking Glass.

The Witches Heart

Elenor says: “This business is a heart and soul project for me. I wanted to find handmade pieces and tools for ‘the craft’ at affordable prices. I couldn’t do so: so, I began to make my own” and her words provide an insight into the quality and purpose of the product available. Anyone who has an interest in ‘the craft’ will find something of interest here. Elenor is approachable, kind and interesting, be sure to meet with her over the weekend.

Tropic Skincare

Stella is presenting a vast range of Tropic Skincare products during the show. If you do not know about Tropic products, it is worthwhile talking to Stella about the company, its ethos and the fabulous range of goods. The glowing testimonials received from thousands of happy users must evidence the quality. Recognised for being excellent value for money and fulfilling the descriptions made by the company, it is wise to try them out! The men’s range is particularly exciting and beneficial. Stella will advise and answer all your questions.


I have known Sam for many years. Hundreds of satisfied customers enjoy her handmade items. Sam wraps crystals and gemstones and makes wands and jewellery. Everything from earrings to necklaces will be on display. She will carry a wide-ranging stock during the show you cannot miss the bright and vibrant display. Remember Sam’s business is full time: she has a busy store at Nottingham’s Victoria Market.

Woodland Trust

We have been supporters of The Woodland Trust for many years. The connection between health, happiness and wellbeing and nature is indisputable. By joining the Woodland Trust, you make a real and long-lasting contribution to this country natural heritage. It is essential to understand the impact woodland and forests have on the wildlife population. Most of our wild animals depend on the woodland infrastructure, without it, we will lose the U’K’s most important asset. We must learn to understand the woodland and forests ecological system and The Woodland Trust is here to accomplish this worthy mission.

Nottingham Well Being Show
26 – 27 January 2019
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

Nottingham Trowell Map : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Nottingham Trowell Map

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  1. A world without TREES and woodlands is unthinkable!
    How awfully bare it would be, on top of the deprivation of all the body and mind health benefits and soul upliftment…
    And yet that nightmare is still being created by pathetic mankind’s greed and sheer stupidity!

    Fortunately The Woodland Trust is working hard to protect our UK forests but they cannot do it on their own … They NEED our support. They need YOUR support.
    Please look at their stand & discover the Trust’s achievements & grasp the scale of the mammoth task ahead! You’ll be flabbergasted…

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