Nottingham Well Being Show  – Attending Community – List – The attending Community Lists cover the next four articles. Today, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As usual, the event is attracting substantial interest from Visitors. We are sure the event will be another stepping stone in the evolution of the Well Being Shows

Notts Reiki and Meditation

Richard is the leading light of this respected and growing group. This weekend he’ll be talking about and giving demonstrations of the Emotional Freedom Technique. He will, of course, be talking about the group its progress and purpose. The shows are about Well Being, health and peace. Richard hold the values of his work in his very being.


Mel makes, produces and imports the unique essential oil products. He carries a vast range of oils to every event he attends. Visitors are guided to review Mel’s stall for products which will enhance their living environment. The potential of aroma and fragrance has been known for centuries. Mel’s products take the way’s to use essential oils to another level. And by the way, if you drive a car – Buy one of his car fragrance containers, the simplest and best you can own!

Sanctuary Reflexology

Chandu is a Qualified VTEC Reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur. He travels from York to be with us this weekend. Chandu has a beautiful calm and peaceful nature. This weekend he’ll be providing our Visitors with sublime massage. Chandu has a large and loyal following of clients who come to events especially to have their bodies soothed and relaxed.


Dathan Berry runs the U.K’s foremost Himalayan rock salt supplier. Not only has he created a unique range of Himalayan salt rock products: his company trains therapists to the highest professional level. When talking to Dathan about the products you will become amazed at the depth and breadth of his knowledge on the products and their healing benefits. Visitors should also remember that rock salt lamps have the most calming effect when placed in a room. Superb high-quality products presented by a man of great wisdom.

Stephanie J King

We have known Stephanie for many years. She is a dedicated and fantastic lady. Her best selling books enjoy a Worldwide readership. This is no surprise to anyone who follows Stephanie’s work. Her purpose is helping people find their meaning. She will help guide you from the restrictions of the past into the beauty of the future. Stephanie demonstrates that our lives can enjoy the grace and sublime peace. Stephanie’s work is unparalleled; there is nothing similar in the spiritual genre. We could interpret this as a sign of its beautiful intention.

Sutton Healing Centre

Elaine is a Reflexologist par excellence. She has worked in this field for many years. Professionally qualified and highly experienced. Elaine is a Reiki Master and expert in Indian Head Massage. She has followed the path of alternative and holistic healing because of her love of humanity. During a conversation, you will discover Elaine’s kindness and sense her healing abilities.

Nottingham Well Being Show
26 – 27 January 2019
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

Nottingham Trowell Map : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Nottingham Trowell Map

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  1. Visitors who have not discovered the benefits of Reflexology are in for a treat at Trowell!
    Not only is it very relaxing but it’s a fantastic therapy going back in time , re-balancing every part of the body in very subtle but effective ways. I can recommend it. Have a go, friends!

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