Important Announcement: Change to the 2019 Lincolnshire Well Being Show Dates:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lincolnshire Show Ground has changed our Well Being Show dates for 2019 – These changes are for 2019 ONLY. This situation is not of our choosing. However, rather than focus on the reasons for the change: we choose to move on and look to the future.

The New Dates:

Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 July 

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 November

The replacement dates are at the end of July and the beginning of November. The dates have the best advantage for trading. They DO NOT clash with events promoted by other mainstream organisers. 

All Community Members booked for the shows have been notified. We returned ALL payments made by Community Members for the two shows yesterday. It is felt, attempting to sort out payments by reallocation of money would be too complicated. And this allows a clean sheet for the changed dates. (It also keeps the vibes harmonious!).

The response to the emails sent to the sixty booked Community Members is encouraging. None have cancelled (so far). It is likely the change will only affect a few members of The Community.

The (already printed)100 thousand flyers are now useless and have been recycled. Replacement flyers will be ready before Newark. If you have bundles of Newark, Nottingham Lincolnshire leaflets, please dispose of them: as the reverse side calendars are now inaccurate. Obviously, the LINCOLNSHIRE Well Being Show Posters should also be recycled. We will post out new flyers after the forthcoming Newark Show.

Fortunately, we still have a SIX month lead time to promote the changed show dates. With six months to run before the event, we expect a ‘full house’. Therefore: we feel stepping up the promotion for the shows is the right move to make. We will increase ‘one to one’ promotions from twice weekly to three days on alternate weeks of the month.

We will utilise our media platforms to bring awareness to Visitors. And the up to date and verified emailing list will bring awareness to all Visitors who do not use social media. We will place lineage advertisements in Lincolnshire newspapers referencing the date changes.

For Clarity:

The Lincolnshire Well Being Show date changes are for 2019 ONLY:

The New Dates:
Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 July
Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 November

All money paid by Community Members booked for the old dates has been repaid. This clears the way giving us a ‘clean slate’ for the new dates.

ALL old flyers and posters are now useless; please do not distribute:

All flyers and posters have the old calendar printed on the reverse. They have been recycled. New brochures and posters are ordered. Please dispose of any printed flyers you have in your possession. We will have new flyers available at the Newark Well Being Show. The new replacements will also be posted out to our supporters following The Newark Show.

We will step up the promotion of the shows over the next ten months. This should compensate for the possibility of losing Visitors due to the change of Lincolnshire Well Being Show dates. 

Although we feel newspapers ad’s do not work, we must explore every avenue in this instance. Therefore lineage advertisements will be placed in Lincolnshire newspapers concerning the change.

This article will be republished tomorrow, because some readers may miss this important bulletin: You are asked to share this extraordinary announcement on your Facebook and Twitter pages on both days. The links are simple to use, and they will help us all overcome an unforeseen situation.

Please accept apologies for this inconvenience. Many thanks for your support. Please share and make everyone aware:

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