Due to the redesign of the floor plan at the Trowell Venue and the growth of the Well Being Show- We have chosen to move to a larger Nottingham venue: We will announce the new Venue later in the month:

Therefore we announce a larger 50+ Community Member Show in Nottingham held on the 26 + 27 October 2019 – There is more than sufficient time to promote and make this show a success. The demand for a larger show is being fulfilled – Look forward to a LizianEvents organised and Community-Driven Well Being Show: The Show is The Community and The Community Grows:

Thoughts on Trowell:

There is not a single reason why Visitors return time and again to The Community Driven Well Being Shows. Of course, the superb and varied attractions the Community brings to the show. Therapists, Spiritual Counsellors, Retail and Information tables work together to provide Visitors with the best possible Well Being Show experience.

As with all of The Well Being Shows: the atmosphere was terrific. Visitors stayed all day, and many attended the whole weekend. The venue enjoyed a unique ‘vibe’ which everyone in the hall sensed. The after-show feedback was consistently superb; Visitors loved this show it had an almost ‘cult’ following. We are sure we will transfer this ‘vibe’ to the new venue.

Images From The January 2019 Show

Clive Clay’s comment explains the feelings of many Visitors:

“I love all of your shows, although there is a special place in my heart for Trowell.”

We continue with Clive’s sentiment:

The Nottingham show’s unique reputation cannot be disputed, it is individual and an actual gathering of friends. People meet here and become longstanding companions. This is something unique to The Well Being Shows. Visitors are attending not only to enjoy the Community’s contributions they are also returning to meet friends new and old. The Well Being Shows are established as events where like-minded people gather as companions.

Providing a varied talk schedule is essential. Although, there are some firm favourites who Visitors expect to see: the list needs to be as diverse as possible for each new event. We always strive to meet this objective. For examples: if you wish to learn about Spiritual ideas and concepts, listen to authors discussing their book or maybe a specialist talking about health products; you will find something worthy of your time.

We have no doubt left the old venue on a high: with around three-hundred, Visitors attending the final show The Community, and LizianEvents organisation and promotion provided Visitors with memories which will last for many years to come. We must never forget it is the Community: not the venue which makes a Well Being Show so special. Indeed, the strength, influence and expertise of The Community are why we can move on and in time build the reputation for the best Nottingham Well Being Show at the new venue.

Images From The January 2019 Show

January’s Attending Community:

Aloe Vera – Health Wealth and Happiness
A Jewel Shining Through
Barrie John Medium
doTerra – Jurga Proudlove
Elemental Balance
Ethically Gifted
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer
The Gut Health Hub
JS Natural Therapies
Nature’s Workshop
Moonlit Pathways Books
North Star Crystals
Notts Reiki & Meditation
Pam Shield
Rick Paul
Sanctuary Reflexology
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
Stephanie J King
Sutton Healing Centre
Tampara Seated Therapies
Through the Looking Glass
The Witch’s Heart
Tropic Skincare
Woodland Trust

Talks Schedule:

The Nottingham Show has become a firm favourite with Community Exhibitors and Visitors. The event is always fully subscribed with different genres of Spiritual Counsellors, Therapists and Retailers.

Images From The January 2019 Show

We used the Parish Hall for five years. This Well Being Show achieved the high expectations demanded by our Visitors. The facilities are recently refurbished, unfortunately, the changes cannot work for The Well Being Shows and the growth of the event. It is with sadness we have closed the doors for last time in January.

LizianEvents and The Community thank Jane and her team for the amazing support received over the last five years. We’ll always have fond memories of Bernard and Steve. Thank you for all of your work and support you will always be close to our and The Community’s hearts and memories.

The new and bigger venue will be announced during February 2019 – As one door closes another opportunity arises: See You There. 🙂

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  1. Looks like you had outgrown the venue. No doubt you will make an superb success of your new venue. It seems your community will prosper from bigger wellbeing shows. Your image does not fit in with small events. Time to move on and cover a greater area. No doubt the future holds great success and recognition for your innovations. I spent some hours looking at other websites and it is amazing how many people are following your format. You need to expand and run bigger events. It is obvious you are capable of becoming a nationally recognised organisation. Janine.

    • Thanks for your comment Janine, We have a long way to go before we reach our objectives. Although these enforced changes, will work in our favour, The Community are with us all the way. A great year ahead for those who follow, support and partake in the Well Being Shows. By the way, We have no interest in other organisers, and we are aware of our influence. Thanks for your comments – Ian

  2. I could write an essay about what exhibiting at Trowell has been like for me, (don’t worry I won’t 😉 ) it has been an amazing experience for me and one that will be remembered fondly for a long time especially the saturday of the last one. This announcement for me had an air of inevitability about it because I think this was on the cards and has just pushed the decision to expand earlier than expected. I love being part of the community and relish the prospect of the new opportunities. Bring it on is what I say, be there or be square, bright blessings to you all, Rick.

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