I had time to talk to Barrie John before the busy Nottingham Well Being Show. We talked about the promotion by LizianEvents of Barrie’s stage shows and his new online course.

Initially, we will promote Barrie’s stage show in four venues around the country. The venues are well known to us and provide superb facilities for an average audience of two-hundred people.

You Can Meet Barrie At The Newark Well Being Show: ☞DETAILS

Anyone who has watched Barrie’s demonstrations will accept he offers compelling evidence of his ability. We are proud to have been asked to promote Barrie’s stage shows and demonstrations.

Barrie John. LizianEvents.org

Also of interest to people following a mediumistic path is Barrie’s new online course. We have worked for some months to produce a wonderful online psychic and intuitive development course. Barrie is reluctant to give away too many secrets at this stage of the project. However, the course will appeal to people from many walks of life. We see no reason why the course will not become a yardstick by which all online development courses are judged.

You Can Meet Barrie At The Newark Well Being Show: ☞DETAILS

The scripts are written and the storyboards ready for the last part of the production. The video recording will take place during March, and the full edit will be complete by late April. The course will be available Worldwide on May the first.

Today see’s Barrie John’s page on LEN becomes live. It is only the beginning of what will become a superb source of information about Barrie. His page will include information about the man himself: his thoughts, ideas and appearances.

Today you can listen to the interview:


This year LEN will encompass more pages focussed on Community Members and their work. We are in continuous evolution and dedicated to building the finest source of information regarding all aspects of Well Being. LizianEvents will grow by connecting Friends – Visitors – Community. Already readers are seeing more Video Bulletins and listening to more audio interviews. Nothing comes close, and no one can catch up. Our shows, events and the promotions of individual Community Members add up to a unique, powerful and influential media platform.

You Can Meet Barrie At The Newark Well Being Show: ☞DETAILS

Cedric Ford Pavilion.
Newark Showground,
NG24 2NY
16 -17 February 2019

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