Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Showground
NG24 2NY
16 + 17 February

52+ Community Members

We choose to list the Attending Community during the show week. Although there is extensive information on the internet for visitors to find out about the show, talks and attending Community Members.

We tested a format prior to the Nottingham Well Being Show. When asked Vistors said they had seen the new format, and they enjoyed reading the information: We also received many thanks from Community Members for the way the Community Members were introduced were introduced to Vistors.

The Format is different because it is written from our opinion and the thoughts of interviewed Vistors. This will be the format used for all future events. Visitors like it because there is no bias. The introduction is independent of The Community Member.

The list is in alphabetical order – There are fifty-two attending Members for this show. Each article this week will review ten or eleven Members:

doTERRA – Jurga Proudlove

We have known Jurga form some years. She is an absolute inspiration. Her knowledge and understanding of essential oils are superb. While talking to Jurga, make sure you ask about her coaching and training programs. Jurga has transformed the lives of many people, and she can change your life too! Incidentally: Jurga has a massive radio following on Nottingham Radio. She is making waves on the air-waves!

Earth Magic Crystals

Mark is a fantastic artist and a creative person. Creativity is a sign of awareness, the awareness of the environment and the subtle needs of our minds and soul. He makes and paints beautiful traditional drums. The tone and resonance are amazing, those of you who enjoy American, Celtic and Shaman traditions must talk to Mark about his drum. The quality of the drum is second to none, beautifully made and painted. 

Visitors will also see a selection of crystals carefully selected and keenly priced. Remember no two crystals are alike: and we are often attracted by colour shape and ‘that special connection’. Mark’s customers will discover his knowledge is helpful when selecting a new addition to their collection.

Earth Magic

We have known Rose for many years. At the shows I attended over the years, there is one certainty, Rose always has a long list of clients waiting for a reading. Her work is a balanced blend of a spiritual connection and what can only be described as fantastic empathy. Visitors considering a consultation must spend a few moments talking to Rose. No doubt there will be a connection which can give a rewarding and memorable reading.

Rose is a degree qualified and professional counsellor. She has written numerous articles for LizianEvents News, All have received five-star feedback. One piece, on the subject of Tarot, has seen over fifteen hundred readers. It is a testament to her knowledge and understanding of spiritual wisdom.

Eliza Hodge

Eliza has been a friend for tens of years. She is an established teacher of various holistic and alternative therapies. In this short introduction, we focus on Eliza’s Jill Fraser range of ear candling therapies and products. Visitors return to Eliza time and again for an ear cleansing. One reason is the candles are the finest available. Another is Eliza’s expertise and years of experience. She became the owner of The Jill Fraser Ear Candles ten years ago. It is a testament to her success that she continues to teach Holistic and Alternative therapists in their use today.

Elizabeth Stead Ltd

Elizabeth Stead creates individual, hand made, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for women who understand their style. Each piece is designed and made with thought and care by Elizabeth herself in her Yorkshire studio. Inspired by the colours, shapes and textures of the semi-precious gemstones themselves, her designs are finished with sterling silver. Necklaces and bracelets have toggle clasps, which are much easier to use and kinder to the fingernails than conventional fasteners. Elizabeth creates exquisite jewellery of the highest quality. Her hand made pieces are produced to an exacting standard. There is a subtle difference between the production line and bespoke jewellery making. When purchasing a bracelet or necklace, it is essential to look closely at the quality of the components. Remember, the items must be well balanced, and comfortable to wear. The stones must be uniform and smooth to the skin. The colours must blend, and make the item stands out, without being ‘over the top’. Not only this: the colour match must mean the jewellery can be worn on different occasions, with different clothes. These are the design requirements! Which must be balanced with the need for the item to last for tens of years of ownership. Elizabeth’s designs meet and exceed all of these criteria. Beautiful, superb quality, and prestigious items

Emma Gowshall – Animal Communication

All who know Emma will agree; her dedication to the welfare of all animals cannot be questioned. Not only does Emma enjoy a loyal following during the shows (her talks receive five-star feedback) Her workshops and courses are a sell-out success. Emma loves to share knowledge and wisdom: We believe she is an inspiration, an actual spiritual being who sets the highest of standards of humanity. She cares for our Planet and the most helpless animal inhabitants.

Emma Gowshall – Energy Healing and Guidance

Emma’s spiritual gifts are well known to her friends. She has a ‘certain’ way of understanding one’s issues. Her clear thinking enhances her effectiveness when guiding clients to see the many avenues open to them. When we have problems, our subtle energy fields which surround our bodies can be adversely affected. Emma can isolate the damaged energy field and heal the damage. Energy Healing has phenomenal potentials, spend time with Emma and discover how this therapy can change your life.

Ethically Gifted

Kirstie Wood is one of the hardest working people I know. She is dedicated to finding the best quality ethical goods and products available. Kirstie searches the World for items which have an ethical signature But do not think she will compromise quality for the price. Her stock is often unique, well priced and of the most exceptional quality. Kirstie also runs a busy shop and internet business so you can be assured of customer service.

Feel Better Fast

John is a busy man! You’ll find him most weekends travelling to every corner of the Country attending shows and events. He is an acknowledged expert in Past Life Regression and enjoys a phenomenal reputation as a spiritual healer. During the show, he’ll be giving spiritual consultations. And talking about his new ‘Past Life Regression Cards’. It is John’s intention to bring all aspects of Well Being to as many people as possible. Visitors cannot fail to enjoy a conversation with John. If you have an interest in Hypnotherapy, he runs this country’s leading online course. Students attain an internationally recognised accreditation with one of the oldest running training bodies. There is plenty to talk about at John’s stall this weekend.

Gentle Release Therapy

Helen’s therapy is already known to us, and we feel she is going to be a popular addition to The Community. Her work follows its name heroes and explanation of the therapy:

A powerful yet gentle hands-on therapy. Which allows your body and mind to release tension and stress that you didn’t even know existed. You will enjoy a release of tension and stress to an extent never experienced before. So gentle is the effect you don’t need to know what you are releasing. Drawing on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Every treatment is unique to the client allowing the body to release whatever causes the tensions and stress.

Gill Moore Spiritual Healer

Everyone and I mean every one of The Community loves Gill. Her kindness and giving evidence of her spiritual values and beliefs. I know she will not mind if I comment “Gill is a traditional healer of the old school” and all the better for this attribute. She would not thank me for writing how many years she has worked as a healer, but I know this, her long career proves her ability. Sit with Gill enjoy the sublime moment of healing happiness.

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