Newark Show Review
16 + 17 February 2019

It is our tradition to publish a post-show review. Sometimes the report will need two articles to cover the show. This Newark Show Review requires one main piece, and two follow up articles. The follow-up articles will describe the changes to be made as a result of our analysis of the weekend’s event.

The Roll of Honour:

Aloe Vera – Health Wealth and Happiness
A Jewel Shining Through
Alison Dean
Aura Fusion
Aura Soma
Alchemy Products
Barrie John Medium
The Balanced Reflex
Campbell Wallace
Crystal Carols
doTERRA – Jurga Proudlove
Earth Magic Crystals
Earth Magic – Rose Best
Elizabeth Stead Ltd
India Jo
Jill Fraser
Emma Gowshall – Animal Communication
Emma Gowshall – Energy Healing and Guidance
Ethically Gifted
Gentle Release Therapy
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer
Iza Moon – Songstress – Poet and Story-Teller
The Gut Health Hub
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium
Jane Osbourne
JS Natural Therapies
Joylina Living With Soul
Magnotherapy UK
Moonlit Pathways Books
Native American Traditions
New Age Creations
New Horizons
Neals Yard Organic Remedies
North Star Crystals
Notts Reiki & Meditation
P&G Underwood Ltd
Pam Shield
Pure Holistics with Michelle
Rick Paul
Sanctuary Reflexology
Shirley Ann
Simon Goodfellow – Spiritual Medium
Solrox – Dathan Berry
Soul Sisters
Stephanie J King
Susan Jones Therapies
Summer Rose Tarot
The Witch’s Heart
Woodland Trust

Without this fantastic group of Attending Community Members, this show could not possibly achieve its growing status. You have taken possession of a brilliant Well Being Show thank you for your support of the Community Based Shows.

Without The Community:
There could be no Visitors!
How many came to the show:

Saturday – 346
Sunday – 291
Total of 637

Remember we do not count return Visitors in the Sunday total.

February 2018 Visitor numbers are 490. The question we now MUST ask is ‘are we making progress?’ My reply is without a doubt ‘Yes’. However, the future promotion and evolution of the Well Being Shows MUST be relentless.

The review provides a better understanding of why we chose to be in constant change and evolution:

No doubting the Visitor response to the format and blend of the event. Consistent feedback is: ‘Brilliant blend of stands, plenty to see, sensible food prices’ We had NO complaints or negative comments about any aspect of the show.


Talks were well attended. Some Visitors came to the show to primarily listen to individual speakers. I continually asked Visitors if they found the shorter talks format excellent or wrong. All felt the short form is an excellent introduction to the speaker and their work. All confirmed that further information could be discovered by talking to the presenter at their stand. It is an important point to remember.


Most retailers fared well during the show. It is inevitable some struggled to meet their overheads. There are many factors involved in successful show retailing. Two should never be far from one’s mind ‘Persistence and Consistency’ there is no doubt the retailers understand these words of success. Two Community Members I spoke to who had had a ‘difficult’ show have no intention of leaving The Community or giving up with the Well Being Shows. Both recognised the potential available to them. It would be easy to write about the success stories (of which there are many). But to be balanced and to give our Community Members the best opportunities: we must confront and find ways to enhance the probability of success.


One of the most challenging areas to assess is the success of the therapists. All work from the highest of intent and ethos. Some feel that working with their clients is the essential factor in attending the shows. Others think they need to make sufficient to cover their overheads. This is an area which we would like to see thrive and be a prominent part of the events, after all, the name is Well Being Show! So physical well being must be a high priority for Visitors. It is fair to comment; most therapists enjoyed the show. All made sure they were brilliantly turned out, and their working areas looked fantastic. Incidentally, I will be addressing this aspect of The Well Being Shows over the coming months by highlighting the work of the Holistic and Alternative therapies on this platform and in show guides.

Spiritual Counsellors:

The Spiritual Counsellors who promote before the show are often fully booked. The more they put into the promotion, the higher their following. We keep the numbers of attending Spiritual Counsellors below twelve or around twenty per cent of the total number of Community Members at each show. During this show, it seemed there were some who did exceptionally well, and others who found the weekend testing. It is this writer’s belief all Spiritual Counsellors have a probability of success while attending The Newark Well Being Show.

Franchises and Author Stands:

The self-promoters have to be tenacious at every show. There is often no way of gauging how well they have progressed because their work continues well after the doors have closed and the show is over. On certainty is this: this weekend every one of the Community Members worked with 101% commitment. As an example of what can be achieved one Community Member covered his overheads in the first two hours of the show. No doubt there will be others who also enjoyed similar success.

The monumental achievement of this weekend is the feedback and growing support of our Visitors. The Community must be aware of the progress they are making. The vibes and atmosphere within the venue are amazing, and the Visitors confirmed this time and again. They have taken great memories away with them and are sure to return to forthcoming events.


During this week we will reveal the changes being made to the shows. And Community Members will learn of the new stall price structure for 2019. And we will announce our show and venue structure for the next two years. The two announcements are focussed on Community Members success and profitability. We have made choices to benefit The Community and the strength of the shows before and there is a need to make take extraordinary measures to secure the future of The Well Being Shows. There are exciting times ahead. This information is in the review because we wish to demonstrate the survey is part of our evolution. Not just a ‘pat on the back’.

See You Soon

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  1. A very good, and fair, review.

    At Jane Osborne’s stand I spend much time speaking to visitors. I always ask lots of questions about their visit and experience on the day as well as chewing the fat on Past Life Regressions. My feedback was that visitors liked what the show had to offer, it was what they were expecting, and that overwhelmingly they had come for a reading, to hear some talks, to buy a few crystals, and spend the balance on what took their fancy. Their satisfaction rating was high.

    I had the pleasure of chatting to Ian for ten minutes or so on the day. I was hugely encouraged by our discussions. Customer satisfaction is high- yet he is not complacent. I was nothing short of delighted at his preparedness to address issues which everyone talks about over a coffee or beer.

    The existing show and format unquestionably satisfies those who come. But what about those who are not coming? And how do we attract new visitors without alienating the existing loyal customer base? The shows are expanding in stand numbers as the success of the format grows. Yet, in itself, is a 100 stand show 100% “ better” than a 50 stand show. Is a 150 stand show 50% “better” than a 100 stand show? How many crystal stands ( for instance) do the public need to meet their needs? How do we reconcile the fact that some low revenue stands are as important to the visitor experience as high revenue stands?

    And what about “anchor” stands – those that excite, draw, and retain visitors? How can we deliver the “wow” factor?

    I was delighted to learn that despite the obvious success, by every measure, of the Newark show, Ian is thinking about the success of the next show, and next year’s show. Because none of us operate in a vacuum. The internet, and smart phones, continue to evolve and change the way we buy things, obtain information, and entertainment. New events, Food Shows, Vegan Festivals, Alternative Lifestyle ( conspiracy/ cover up theories, Druid, Wiccan to name but a few), are all emerging to reflect changing interests and trends. Maintaining the integrity of what an MBS/ Well Being event “is” remains vital – but so is evolving that proposition to reflect changing tastes.

    No doubt Ian will make known how he sees this evolution when the time is right, meantime, rest assured we are in safe hands

  2. Another excellent show for the Lizian community. Its good to see people coming back to the shows on a regular basis and also being part of the family.

    I have never experienced a ‘relationship’ like this and there will be no other. We all work together to support and look after each other.

    Well done to everyone!

    Barrie John

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