The amazing part of our evolution is the depth and breadth of businesses who see the potential in what we are achieving. The steady transformation into an influential and potent ‘Voice of Well Being and Inspiration’ is due to the new Community Members now joining.

The Well Being Shows are becoming a celebration of human endeavour. Visitors can become aware of, and experience many aspects of alternative therapies. As the shows evolve this year Visitors will enjoy a greater expansion of the health and fitness aspects of the shows.

When a business such as The Sean Barkes Clinic sees the potential of The Well Being Shows we acknowledge how far we have progressed.

Austin + Sarah Sean Barkes Clinic : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Austin and Sarah of The Sean Barkes Clinic

Acupuncture is an ancient and respected alternative therapy. It is used by millions of people worldwide. Testimonials evidence the potential to heal and repair the body and mind.

Austin of The Sean Barkes Clinic gave fascinating insights into his work during the last Lincolnshire Well Being Show. The short interview cannot do justice to his ability and knowledge. However, it is possible to gain sufficient information from the interview to seek further advise from The Sean Barkes Clinic.


For further information head over to the superb Sean Barkes website (link below) for further details of the vast range of treatments and therapies available at their twenty-year established clinic.

The Sean Barkes Clinic
41 Moor Lane
North Hykeham

→ Sean Barkes Clinic Website  

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  1. If anyone is hesitating about having acupuncture, I can reassure you I used to feel the same… until I had sessions of it…. It is NOT frightening , NOT painful.
    Only the tips of those intimidating needles is touching your skin – They do to ‘skewer’ you!
    Acupuncture is a wonderfully effective therapy. It solved my own leg problems. When used by genuine therapists, like at the Sean Barkes Clinic, you can rest assured you are in safe hands! Have a go!

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