Well Being Show Thoughts – It seems to be a long time before The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. The weekend of 27 + 28 of July is five full months away. And you can be assured we will not waste one day in promoting this Well Being Show.

Every day we receive enquiries about the shows for this year and interest in 2020. This indicates we are making headways in all directions. Promotion, awareness and reputation are where we are winning. There is overwhelming support for our transparency and ethos.

Yesterday, Ian spoke to a Community Member who commented: ‘I feel part of what is being created.’ This is something Angela mirrored at Newark her words were ‘Thank you; you make us feel part of your organisation and The Community’.

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The Lincolnshire Showground Epic Centre

Yes, there will be people who dislike the fact we follow a strict code of conduct. Our focus is on the success of the community and its reputation. And we are bound to The Community. Anyone demeaning our work, ethics and decisions: damages the reputations of all who set their trust in our organisation. I reply to those who critique or question our Community Driven organisation: ‘ Many people love what we are doing, the way we work, the clarity of our plans and the fairness of our methods’.

I received an email from a potential Community member this week. In the correspondence, she said ‘I have read many of the articles on LEN, and I commend your transparency, integrity and ethos’. And anyone who takes the time to research our ethos and purpose will become an asset to The Community. Remember our objective is for the success of The Community and the long term strength of the Well Being Shows.

Visitors acknowledge the shows are inspiring and superb experiences. And The Community will continue to make The Well Being Shows memorable for all involved. No doubt we are influencing many people, and this is an indication of the potential of our ideas.

The last paragraphs hold the reason why we enjoy our work. They contain the essence which drives us to revisit and adjust the smallest aspects of every event. They encourage us to make the significant investments necessary to promote the shows. For example, our new A3 laser printed seven-hundred show guides for Newark. And because we could format the guides to our design, they were loved by the majority of Visitors. In fact, after the show, there were none left behind! 

We can invest in the future because we see more people are investing in The Well Being Shows. The events will evolve, there will be changes, and the changes are made to attract more Visitors. And many of The Community now trust us to make the right choices. Everyone may not always accept them, but they will be seen as a determination to test new avenues of progress.

In five months, the doors to The Lincolnshire Well Being Show will open. Be sure in your minds, and we will provide a fantastic event. Full of innovation and progress. Rest assured, we will not waste one day of the next one hundred and fifty days. This Show and its format will be the best we have organised.

Liz Clark


  1. Good stuff!

    As a community we all have our part to play. Sometimes that is collective- as in promoting events, all of us should be doing that. On other occasions, it is role specific. It is an exhibitor’s job to exhibit, not Lizian’s.

    Equally, it is the organiser’s job to take strategic decisions, and make the right choices. I continue to be reassured by your commitment to that part of the job. Thank you!

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