John Richardson “Past Lives Revealed” Part Two – Readers may have thought yesterdays review of John’s “Past Life Revealed” deck placed it in a ‘no man’s land’. To some degree, you would be correct. As explained the deck would, in the right hands be a good reader’s tool. However, we must not move away from the title on the box! “Past Lives Revealed”.

To enter into the purpose of the deck: it is essential to consider its creator: Mr John Richardson. John is a well know and liked member of the mind, body and spirit circuit. He attends events in every corner of the country. He cannot be seen as someone who has no experience in this genre of work.

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Apart from being a respected reader, he is also a master hypnotist. His training course is recognised as one of the best in the UK. If you combine hypnosis and aspects of a spiritual investigation, it is inevitable you’ll meet with the idea of ‘Past life Regression’. This is an area the John excels. He has worked with hundreds of clients: investigating the fascinating subject of Past Life Regression.

It is inevitable that John would take the idea beyond clinical and recreational investigation. And the outcome of this process is the “Past Life Revealed” deck of cards. He has designed an intriguing set deck which can evoke interesting meditations for the user.

The difficulty is, discovering how to use the cards is left to the intuition. In fairness, there are basic instructions on John’s website. The problem here is the method is following a random selection method. While there will be many, who advocate this way of selecting the cards. There have to be other ways of utilising what is a unique instrument to enter the psyche.

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What is The Psyche?:

Soul, spirit, (inner) self, innermost self, (hidden) ego, pure being, essential nature, life force, vital force, inner man/woman, persona, identity, personality, individuality, make-up, subconscious, mind.

There is a way of using John’s “Past Life Revealed” deck to enter the closed chambers of the inner-being. It is possible to do so with safety and turn the exploration into a pleasant experience. Let us investigate further:

The premise of past life regression is the inner mind is asked to reveal episode of previous life experiences. Under induced trance, the explorer is guided to go back in time and go beyond their birth into other lifetimes. However, there are certain limitations to this process. The explorer needs a hypnotist or qualified regressionist to assist in the process.

There are a few clips of me working on stage with groups of people experiencing PLR. With this in mind, I feel qualified to write this part of the review: it is written from knowledge of the process, not hearsay or guess-work. When looking through the deck and considering its application, I realised there are two ways of working with the cards.

The first is to use the cards alone: 

Sit in a silent room without distractions. Sit on a chair with a table in front of you. Relax and focus on the purpose of entering the hidden layers of your inner being. Repeat in your mind something like “I will enter into a place of calm and this will be a safe and secure place. My inner-inner-self will not allow any difficult or dangerous experiences into this mediation. After the mediation, I will return to absolute calm and contentment”.

Now think about the purpose of the mediation: which is to discover memories of past lives. And as you do so hold the deck in your hand and work through the cards. If a card seems significant, put it to one side. Continue to work through the cards until all have been viewed. Any cards which look significant put them to one side. 

If you only have one card, this is fine. It is probable you will now have a group of cards: If there is a group put them on the table. See if there is a sequence to the cards, see if they are associated. If you cannot see a sequence place them in order, see if there is a dateline. This could indicate a series of lives or events. 

Now consider the cards with care: Do not feel inclined to find a specific meaning allow the mind to flow. Study the cards for five to ten minutes and then close your eyes and let your imagination to drift.

The imagery is sufficient to open your mind to all kinds of pictures and images. It is entirely possible to enter a dream-like state and enter into conversations, see different places, visit different ages. Your inner self will in its own time choose to return to the present. Afterwards, you can make notes of your exploration. Or you could record the meditation on your phone.

The second method is to use the cards in a group. Three people can work together for an evening with the cards. The purpose is to use the cards for a safe exploration into past lives. The initial focus is for the group to confirm the statement:

“I will enter into a place of calm, and this will be a safe and secure place. My inner-inner-self will not allow any difficult or dangerous experiences into this mediation. After the mediation, I will return to absolute calm and contentment”.

Now: one after the other. Work through the cards and after the selection place the cards on a table. Focus on the cards for some time, and talk about your feelings. Do so for about ten minutes. Then the whole group works together to talk about the selection. If you are with friends, they may find specific associations in your personality with the cards selected. 

Continue the process until all of you have meditated upon the past life recollections. And then exchanged your feelings about the exploration. I tested both methods, which resulted in fascinating results. 

To many people, this will seem a strange way to review a deck of cards. However, it seems to me, the cards should be tested, and a test method should be explained. Anyone who wishes to try the techniques described here should enjoy the experience.


Anyone could use the cards as keys to the past. By sifting through the deck, finding a card and asking “Why do I find this card significant?”. The possibilities are endless; the only restriction is the imagination. You could select the cards (by looking through them) and write a story about their significance. Or write a story about a past life!  

John Richardson has produced a great deck of cards. The imagery and symbolism are right on the mark for the deck’s purpose. Indeed, I believe a professional regressionist or hypnotist could find many more methods to utilise the deck in their practice.

John Richardson Past Life Revealed - LizianEvents 5

Ways to use the deck has been the focus of the second part of the review. Here’s hoping the reader chooses to buy this exciting deck of cards. My opinion is the cards will become accepted as a yardstick for personal Past Life Regression exploration. 

I would not be surprised if the cards evolve over the next few years. For example, there is a ‘Healer’ card although one which signifies physician would be a welcome addition. This is the point of John’s “Past Life Revealed” deck, it warrants new editions and a multitude of images and symbolism. The possibilities here are endless. Well done John, this deck is key to the inner – being, and the possibilities are in fact infinite.

Ian Timothy

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