Weight Loss – Part Two – Before  introducing the two books chosen for this adventure into weight loss. A disclaimer: I am not advocating anyone should use the methods written about in the articles. This decision is a personal choice made by intensive internet research. Readers are reminded I have extensive knowledge of fitness and exercise. After reading the books: many of the ideas and rules which I followed over previous years now seem to be in question.

Two Gauges:

The central premise of this project is to see if intermittent fasting and high-intensity exercise would be sufficient to loose six stones in weight and return to fitness. I am putting a maximum time scale of eighteen months to see if the goals can be achieved. If the weight is more quickly lost, that’s fine. If I fail to meet the target, there will be no change to the routine. The interest then becomes focussed on seeing if weight loss can be maintained. The fitness aspect is tested by the ability to walk one mile or climb a three-story flight of steps without becoming breathless.

A third gauge is waist size: 

Waist measurement must be less than half of your height. Fat surrounding the stomach indicates potential diabetes or heart disease. My height is six foot two inches and waist a frightening 46 inches. The metric conversion is 187 cm height and 116 cm waist. My correct waist measurement based on height is 38 inches. A loss of eight inches or 20cm.

The reader now sees the extent of the targets involved in this exercise of becoming a Well Being! I am under no illusion; this is a high target, especially when my age is taken into consideration. I’m sixty years young, and my body has not enjoyed the best of care over the last eighteen years.

I am not entering into a dialogue regarding this project. There will be people who are dead set against this proposal, and there will be those who will wish to see me fail. The objective is for people to watch one way of attempting to lose weight. During the project, I will use two books and review the chapters during the lifestyle change.

Remember, the seed of the project is: I cannot be part of the plans to the future of The Inspirational Well Being Shows unless my image reflects the objective of the shows. It is my feeling Visitors, and many Community Members (old and new) are beginning to realise the potential of what is being created. It is my belief we can connect specialists and inspirational people from all aspects of life, material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. It seems to me as a director of the organisation I must reflect the image if the ‘Brand’.

A choice to follow 5:2 intermittent fasting is influenced by its ease. It is as simple as this: I will eat a healthy and well-balanced diet for five days of the week. And for the remaining two days the calorie intake is no more than 600. The reader is reminded, because of liver damage the consumption of alcohol is zero for the next six months. Removal of alcohol will affect my weight and is seen as an advantage.

After four weeks of following an intermittent diet, the second stage of the program becomes ‘active’! This involves a daily regime of High-Intensity Exercise. The combination is the foundation to weight loss and return to functional fitness.


A proven method of learning to play a musical instrument is following a tutorial book. If a teacher explains the book, the lessons become more understood. Not only this the pupil has a reference point to his progress. It does not matter which book is chosen, the lessons within, when taught by a teacher are more easily learned by the pupil. So effictive is this mthod after two years or so, the instrument can be played. It worked well for me when learning to play the classical guitar. And it is one which I’ll use for this life-changing exercise.

My friend Jenny demonstrated her faith in two books. She is proof or should I write evidence the lessons taught in the books are effective. They are my ‘handbooks’ of weight loss. As time passes the ideas offered in the books will be put to the ultimate test.

Fortunately, the 5:2 intermittent diet has recipe apps available. And these are already downloaded to be used for varing the menu and experiment with combinations of ingredients. I will write about this over the next eighteen months. 

In conclusion:

I have begun an eighteen-month program of weight loss and fitness. I will only eat easily available food and follow a regime of high-intensity exercise. The target is to lose five stones and six inches from my waistline.

Current Weight – 21 stones 4 pounds = 135 kilos

Ideal Weight – 13 stones 7 pounds = 86 kilos (too higher target requiring a loss of 49 kilos)

Weight Loss target – 5 stones = 31 kilos

The time scale of eighteen months

Two books are my weight loss and fitness manuals. 

The Fast Diet – Dr Micheal Mosley + Mimi Spencer
Fast Exercise –  Dr Micheal Mosley + Peta Bee

I’m enjoying the life change and the possibilities of the future. One certainty is my inner self is already more content with the commitment to become a Well Being.

To help me when I’m being tested. I have a mantra:
“My choice is not to become diabetic.”

See You Soon


  1. Dear gentleman who wrote the article are you aware of The fast 800 by Micheal Mosely it’s his latest book 2019 to be precise … ps you can do it lm 54 now and l am fitter and more lean than when l was 40 in fact l race against my own children who are in thier 20s and 30s when we do events like Total warrior l also went from 3 prescription medicines to zero in 2013 … regards and good luck on your new journey from Stephen Kirkbride

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