For some time I have considered a real dilemma. It stems from the brand – ‘Inspirational Well Being Shows!’ Many have noted the addition of ‘Inspirational’. Liz and I choose to add the word because it is imperative to establish a brand. We began with Well Being, and many tacked it on their identity.

The brand has a personal identity issue: 

The issue is of course ME! The two pictures below were taken only ten years apart. The fact is I’m ashamed of my physical appearance and lack of fitness. Just twelve years ago my fitness was excellent a ten-mile cycle ride was nothing. And being out of breath a side effect of heavy exercise. Today, a climb up a staircase is a toil.

Hours of thought about how I would approach the task in hand inevitably resulted in “Tomorrow’s, and I’ll start on Monday”. Many will know the circle of self-deceit. Setting the mind to act, and days later failure and self-betrayal. The circle compounds the issue and makes it worse.

I’ll return to the name ‘Inspirational Well Being Shows’ – How can I be part of an organisation with this identity looking as I do? It is like a fat lecturer talking about losing weight. A hypnotist who smokes attempting to helping a potential lung cancer victim crack the nicotine habit. The truth is the image is fraudulent. I have been conscious of this for months. How can the shows be inspirational of well being if one of the directors looks a picture of ill-health?

Six weeks ago while eating an evening meal something happened. “Lizzy, there is an area in my right eye which has become blind”. An intense feeling of fear spread through my body. Within a few minutes, my field of vision became a lightning storm of bright coloured flashes. Without adding more drama an hour later the main symptoms had gone and I tired and shaken. I’d experienced an ‘ocular migraine’. 

Two weeks after this Sam Wray sat next to me at the market as I had another! This time the symptoms were worse and the after effects lasted well into the evening. Approximately ten days later, again at the market, I began to feel ill — Iller than I’d ever felt in my life. I will not bore you with the symptoms. I wondered if this was my final life experience.

“You have the early symptoms of liver disease, and you are pre-diabetic. Stop drinking and lose six stones in weight. Otherwise, you’ll be with the diabetic nurse or worse within two years.”

So, there you have it! What my mind had been trying to implement for years is now endorsed by my body — the shameful truth of near self-destruction. 

You’ll now understand the reason for my inner turmoil. A director of a growing ‘Inspirational Well Being’ business, chronically obese and facing life treating disease: A choice is now inevitable.

Over the last weeks, I have considered the options. I’m sixty years old, materially secure and my metal faculty still good. Time is not at a premium. There are no excuses not to attempt the transformation. The only complication is being obese means weigh has to be lost before exercise can become part of the equation. Damage to the knee and hip joints is a recognised problem with overweight and high im[pact exercise. So, it is important to lose weight first and then start an exercise regime. Or so I thought!

I visited three gyms. All gave a differing opinion. Having spent many hours in gyms in years gone by, my understanding of ways to fitness is not insignificant. The choice was made not to reveal my knowledge and allow them to talk about their sales pitch. I desired to find a well-equipped gym which offered the option of a monthly payment without a contract. I could not find one to fulfil my requirement. My choice would now be to fly solo.

During a conversation with my friend Jenny, she introduced me to two books. Her enthusiasm for them is evident, but more than this she looks stunning as a result of following the methodology. I ordered both on an eBay deal for ten pounds. I intend to work with these books over the next twelve months. I will write once each week about the chapters, food and exercises. Of course, my progress will be recorded for all to see: And what an incentive! Eight thousand people a month read LEN.

So here are the parameters:

Current Weight – 21 stones 4 pounds = 135 kilos

Ideal Weight – 13 stones 7 pounds = 86 kilos (49 kilos! too higher target)

Weight Loss target – 5 stones = 31 kilos

The time scale of eighteen months

The Books? Find out tomorrow!

See You Soon

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