Dean Dean talks about his work. We have known Dean for over ten years. Like, may of The Community he moved from the corporate world into one of self-employment and spiritual attainment.

Dean is a knowledgable and intelligent man. His balanced ideas of spiritual ideas are refreshing. In a way, his opinions evidence a high degree of attainment. Listen to his thoughts on a Nordic connection. He feels that people from the Northern European areas have an affinity to Nordic belief systems.

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This requires some clarification: His feeling is our spiritual connection is relative to our cultural upbringing and genetic makeup. I have listened to this idea on a few occasions. Indeed during the interview, I reference a friend  (An American native) who offers a similar suggestion. I’ll go no further: you will have to listen to the interview to work through the idea.

Let’s look at Dean’s work. He is a brilliant woodworker. Anyone who buys his work will know there are hours of effort in every piece. The materials are all natural and most often selected from ‘fallen’ trees. The stains and varnishes are also natural and made by this creative man.

This demonstrates an affinity with nature and the spiritual aspects of the Earth. Dean’s talismans are potent keys to attainment. He talks about the potential of talismanic magic and makes a profound statement that we activate the process, not the talisman. Again you’ll have to listen to the recording to appreciate his instruction.

Runic symbolism is very much bound to nature and the alchemic elements. Dean talks about this during the interview. He also provides a superb correspondence between the elements and his body. If you do not know about the elemental correspondence’s to the body: reference to this can listened too in the latter part of the recording.

Yes! You are correct: I and being very cryptic regarding the content of this fascinating piece. It is quite a long dialogue and having too much information about the content will spoil the enjoyment.

From my perspective: Listening to the words have far more influence than at first imagined. What you listen to is tens of years of mediation and research. Dean’s knowledge comes from deep reflection and meditation. Be assured; when you listen to his thoughts, you’ll realise he is a man of incredible insight. One does not attain this amount of spiritual understanding in a few years. The balance goes beyond an understanding of the process of spiritual thought: Dean’s attitude and way of words have an impact on the listener. And it is a subtle inference to ancient wisdom which draws one into careful consideration of Dean’s opinion. Not everyone will ‘get it’: before listening to the interview set time aside to focus on the ‘whole’ of the piece.

Now to his products: Dean’s work is beautiful and connected to nature. When you use anything made by this man: You’ll possess articles made with the highest of kindness and knowledge by a man who lives by his beliefs.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great write-up, Ian. I’m a bit overwhelmed. To enjoy such a stimulating discussion and to receive such feedback from an experienced and knowledgeable man like you has really affirmed for me that I must be doing something right. Thanks again. I’ll see you soon.xx

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