Sam Wray – Update – Sam has been a great supporter of LizianEvents Well Being Shows from the early days. While commitments have dictated being mainly Nottingham based, Sam has always planned to take her work further afield.

Before Christmas, Sam took on a short lease at Nottingham’s Victoria Market, in the shortest of time Witchyoble (Sam’s business) established a large following of loyal customers. The product line includes bespoke necklaces, bracelets headwear and brilliant pendulums. She also has a thriving trade in wrapping crystals and semiprecious stones.

Last month she spent some time with her close friend Daniel. He lives in Scarborough while exploring the town they discovered an empty shop. Close to the sea and in an excellent trading position. A deal was struck, and The Victoria Market was about to lose one of it’s most famous residents.

Listen to Interview:


As you will discover in the interview, Sam choice to enter into a short lease was intentional. She had every intention of following the fair, market and festival circuits this summer. And as many of the venues are East coast, it seemed sensible to make a move.

We’ll all be sorry to see Sam leave. I have immense gratitude for her kindness when falling ill early in March. Without a second thought to her stall, she spent time to support me through a tough morning. It is mostly due to Sam (not forgetting Liz!)that I choose to find out exactly what was wrong.

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Take a few minutes to listen to this interview: You will discover that Sam will continue to look after her many Nottingham and Midland-based customers. Commissions, repairs, wrapping and bespoke items can be ordered through The LizianShop, or you can contact Sam through Facebook and email.

Well Being Show Visitors will continue to see Sam at selected events. And you can also connect with Sam via her social media streams. We wish Sam well for all of her ventures this year. Every Community Member enjoys the success of the show because of people like Sam. Her contribution to public and Visitor awareness of our Well Being Shows cannot be ignored or underestimated.

Happy Travels Sam

→SAM’s Facebook Page

SAM’s Witchyoble Page

See You Soon

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