Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts – 9th June 2019 – Attending Community Members for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show has passed the ninety mark. With seven weeks to go, we can be sure of a brilliant event. An extensive talk schedule should be ready around the eighteenth of the month.

While in The Cathedral we took a panoramic image of the interior: Maybe you’ll be able to see my twin sister in the image!

Lincoln Double Take!

Last weekend’s venture into Lincoln proved successful. We distributed three thousand flyers. It is nice to discover the Well Being Shows are becoming well known around the City. This recognition is a significant milestone, although, there is a long way to go before we can claim universal identification. Some would think this is an ambitious idea! One of working toward the show being recognised by the City’s population. But why not? It is a good objective and one which is achievable. Be assured we’ll keep on pushing and promoting.

One of the joys of talking to shop keepers (who are a large percentage of show supporters) is their enthusiasm for the Well Being Shows. Their recognition of the event is a clear indication of establishing a ‘calendar date’. We will continue to distribute flyers in a large radius of the shows and of course due to the proximity of the venues we’ll have an excellent overlap. Because of this, we’ll gain new friends and supporters.

Busy Recording as Well as Flyer Distribution

An essential aspect of our work is to expand the Visitor experience. Music, demonstrations and talks are central to this objective as is a vast range of skilful and specialist Attending Community Members. There is no doubting Visitors will enjoy a new and fresh show in late July. None will complain they are attending the same old show.

You’ll know my feeling is Community Members have a part to play in Visitor awareness. The only click which is useful is the SHARE click. I’m not writing the ‘likes’ are not welcome of course they are great recognition or vote that we are working in the right direction. But the SHARES are the ones which count.

iTunes Downloads:

Although only a week old Ian and I are delighted with the response to this new media stream. It is an efficient way of delivering and distributing Community Member’s recorded talks to Visitors. Ian tested a recording system which will be used by Community Members who wish to have their presentations available for public distribution. You can see the iTunes platform here:

→iTunes LizianEvents News

As you read this article: I will be working at Barrie’s Pure Spirit Show. It is the first of these events, and I have no doubt excellent seeds of goodness is being set this weekend. Again much of the success will be due to the sharing of those who are attending. As we are promoting these shows, you can be confident we’ll follow the same long-term promotional policy. I will watch with care who supports the promotion of these events. Incidentally: I am asked where we’ll take the shows: be clear in your mind we will expand the size and number of The Pure Spirit shows during 2020.

Finally: here is the latest promotional video for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. It has already been aired on social media streams and our site. In the last few days, the presentation has been viewed over three hundred times.

This Week’s Promotional Video – Click The Share Dart


We are making headways: Thank you for your support and sharing. Sharing is the way to gain new Visitors and friends.

See You Soon

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. WHAT a SHOW this will be!
    Don’t miss it! 27-28 JULY–
    120 community members & a kaleidoscope of exciting products+ 60 fascinating TALKS + 2 stage areas. & Kids Korner-
    I’ll be there as ‘The Afterlife French Lady’ to answer questions, offer Hope & banish the fear of death- signing my enlightening CHANNELLED BOOKS 😀
    Pls SHARE this post 👍😘

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