Stewart Kerry – Return to Wellbeing – This seems the right moment to thank all of you for your faith in me and my future:

Nottingham Reiki returned to the wellbeing shows this year after a break of a few years. Those years have seen sad times and moments. During one period, I lived from hour to hour, unsure whether I could continue with life: But I did, and I can now comment. ‘no matter how dark the night seems the sun will rise and you will face a new day.’

Nottingham Reiki came to be over ten years ago now with both Marie and me teaching Reiki and healing to students in weekly classes. Not everyone wants a quick weekend and a qualification. Some people like to learn how and why Reiki works, and this is what our courses offer.

We first joined LizianEvents six years ago at Market Rasen. The venue was a little out of our area, but it was for us a learning curve, and with their support, we did more shows with Liz and Ian. Eventually, Marie and I decided to take a break from the shows and passed the baton on to others: We decided to focus on Reiki teaching and workshops. Even-so we continued to keep in touch with people and visited the shows and supported the events via social media and show posts.

Life took a significant turn in July 2017. A partnership of nearly 40 years: a marriage of 30 and a friendship that I believe lasted many lifetimes ended in a heartbeat: Marie took ill in a whisper of time and passed away: The most challenging part is we could not say ‘Good-bye’.

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Nottingham Reiki closed its doors, and for a while, I was sure this was an absolute choice. There would be no turning back, although the situation changed — something in my being refused to allow the ethos behind Nottingham Reiki to be forgotten. Although there could be no return to how things used to be, because of Marie’s incredible input to the Reiki School, the ethos and her spirit were still alive within Nottingham Reiki: The philosophy is ‘Helping One Person is Enough’. And there is no way the doors to the school would stay closed.

So we reopened. And at first, it was hard to stand in the training class alone. After all those years of being together, it was time to fly solo! Or so it seemed: You see, the reality is: I was never alone, and never will be abandoned. I am surrounded by beautiful people who, guide, help, support and give the love needed to continue with my life and work.

I thank my son Kris and my daughter Donna for being there that first night.
Thanks to all the students who returned to class.
Thank you to all who have joined our group and all those who sent messages of support and best wishes.

It’s been two years now, and after a visiting The Well Being Shows I thought it was time to return. The original plan was to host a Reiki share at Lincoln, and after talking to both Liz and Ian, it seemed right to maybe stand at Lincoln as well.

MY Gratitude Continues:
Thank you, Liz and Ian, for understanding why we have returned.
And Community Members who wished me luck on the day.

The one thing I have noticed is the sense of family at the events people helping each other and supporting each other. The Community Spirit is within the atmosphere of every show. You can feel it; there is no doubt magic happens at The Well Being Shows.

Now I didn’t return to the events alone! There are a fantastic team of healers working with me, gratitude is offered to:
Julie Plant and Shelley Marshal for being at my side. And Diane for helping with the admin, I couldn’t have done it without you guys.
Finally: thank’s to everyone who came to the Lincoln and Newark Well Being Shows, you are real friends.

We will be at The Nottingham Well Being Show in October and Lincoln in November and all the 2020 Well Being Shows. And the ethos remains the same:

‘To help one person with Reiki healing’

So, when visiting a Well Being Show drop by and say ‘hello’. It will be lovely to see you: and it could be: You are the one that we can help.

Stuart Kerry: Co-founder of Nottingham Reiki

Nottingham Reiki:
‘Teaching from the heart: in the heart of the Midlands’ 


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