Darren Stanton and Victoria Prince are running a series of countrywide Empowerment Events. The concept is all about connectivity and sharing thoughts and ideas. Therefore the evening events fit in perfectly with the Well Being Shows ethos.


Darren is in full agreement with LizianEvents Organisation. The contemporary model for all success is sharing other peoples endeavour. There are no barriers: Anyone can share anything to everyone. Interaction is how we flourish: We are bigger and better than I am.

The format of Victoria and Darren’s events is simple. An introduction followed by two inspirational speeches and follow up questions and answers sessions. Bring your business cards and laptops; there is plenty of sharing and caring involved.

Darren Stanton and Victoria Prince

Victoria and Darren have dynamite enthusiasm for the Empowering Events brand. No doubt attendees will gain immense business knowledge during the seminar. And with a very intimate format, there is no doubt the audience will learn a few excellent ways to navigate the life journey.

Here is a resume from their social media streams:

Join Darren Stanton and Victoria Prince at their first Empowering Event in Nottingham on 28th October.

It’s an evening of entertainment that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated by the speaker’s real-life stories, followed by an interactive Q&A panel.

Speakers on this event are Dani Wallace (Queen Bee of Personal Development) and Claire Brumby (who took her business into the Dragon’s Den) along with Darren Stanton himself.

The event is held at Antenna Media Centre: Nottingham 28th October 2019 from 6.30 pm until 9 pm and tickets are available now on Eventbrite: LINK

This is sure to be an enjoyable and fruitful evening: See You There

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