Distance Spiritual Healing – Of course, there will be many people who dismiss the idea of distance spiritual healing. And we can understand why they harbour doubts. This article is not intended to convert or persuade. It is one which suggests distance spiritual healing is worthy of consideration.

Rachel Bevin. Elemental Balance. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being. Wellbeing

As you will hear in the interview, Rachel Bavin of Elemental Balance was tasked to utilise her distance healing equipment for distance spiritual healing. I asked her to work on a specific date and send out the ‘vibes’ during my morning and evening meditations.

There was no communication as to what type of distance healing would be sent: One could expect, physical, mental or spiritual aspects to be covered. We agreed that I would carefully record my thoughts and feelings during the day and then compare my notes with Rachel’s work. We also decided that we would have no communication between the Lincoln and Newstead Well Being Shows. The date and times were agreed, and I recorded my thoughts on the day. The results are fascinating.

Rachel Bevin. Elemental Balance. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being. Wellbeing

Critics of alternative spiritual healing may choose to dispute the outcome of our experiment with distance spiritual healing. They are welcome to their opinion. However, the results and information are accurate to my mind. Visitors to the Well Being Shows or anyone with interest in alternative or complementary medicine will do well to enjoy a session with Rachel Bavin.

The Interview:


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