The Well Being Shows enjoy an eclectic mix of Community Members. The Witch’s Heart is an example of the different facets of wellbeing. Do not think of broomsticks and dark arts! Eleanor is a fascinating lady who has immense knowledge of her chosen path. Her talk about the history of witchcraft is more than interesting. Members of the audience learn how, where and why witcraft evolved in every country. And you may be surprised at the connection to health and wellbeing. Elenor has a well balanced and pragmatic approach to this interesting subject. And do not worry: you will not be turned into a frog!

Of course, there will be people who will shy away from the name and poor understanding of the subject. However, take a chance and spend a few minutes talking to Eleanor: You may well walk away being surprised at the kindness and intelligence of this lovely lady.

The Witch’s Heart Story

Established in 2015, we are a small family run witchcraft store. Based in the UK we have a deep passion for high quality, useful and reasonably priced witchcraft pieces.

This business has truly been a heart and soul project for me, a practising witch of 13 years I wanted so badly to find handmade pieces and tools at an affordable price, so I began to make my own before opening up the store. During my days at university, I built a website, managed the social media accounts and pushed myself so hard to achieve my goals of running a successful witchcraft shop and today, with everyone’s support, we have come such a long way towards achieving that goal.

Alongside the store, we run a monthly mystery box and other surprise goodies for a few lucky people each month, filled with handmade pieces by myself and other British crafters surrounding a monthly magickal theme.

If you want to find out more, send us an email or find us at one of our monthly market stalls.

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