The Nottingham Inspirational Well Being Show marks a turning point for The Well Being Shows. The move to The Jubilee Conference Centre landmarks the long-term intention of utilising prestige venues and commitment to the highest quality shows. We can be sure Nottingham’s Well Being Show will stay at The Jubilee Conference Centre for the foreseeable future. Even so: I will be listening to Community Members and Visitors comments about the venue over the weekend.

I asked Ian NOT to write up a Saturday assessment of the first day of the show, preferring a full Monday and possibly Tuesday write up. The reason is I do not want to have speculation for today’s outcome.

These Sunday Thoughts will be my shortest, and I have no intention of making comments or giving guidance in this article. I know The Community will have excelled yesterday. There can be no doubting Visitors will have enjoyed the day. And the footfall numbers? Who can guess?

The Well Being Shows still have a long way to go: I do not mean they lack in any way. My comment suggests we have much to offer the Visitors and there are many more opportunities for new Community Members to utilise. The future is sure to be exciting and fruitful. Let’s look forward to the progress and future of The Well being Shows.
Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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